Lounge In Style With These Coffee Table Designs

Lounge In Style With These Coffee Table Designs

Lounge In Style With These Coffee Table Designs

A coffee table is a focal point of your living or lounge area. This piece of furniture has evolved from simple table to an elaborate construction that is aesthetically pleasing and functional. Nowadays, coffee tables are being doubled to store things and decorate alongside. Here, we present to you seven interesting coffee table designs that could be the right fit for your living room.

Table on wheels


An interesting way of designing a coffee table is by installing wheels. The wheels will make it easy to move the table across to guests easily. Such a design works well for those who love to have industrial decor theme at home. However, make sure you install wheels that come with a lock to restrict the movement. This would ensure that the table doesn't rock all the time. 

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This table is designed to be spacious without covering too much floor area. Three differently sized tables branched on three legs ensure that you could place different things. For instance, cups could be placed on the smallest table, serving plates and cutlery on the mid-sized table and platters on the biggest circle.

Simply square


For those who love minimalism, coffee table designed similar to this one is apt. With minimal wrought iron legs and raw wooden top make this table look classy and simple. In case you want to add some quirk, place some interesting colourful decorative or plants to complete the look. 

A solid one


Made of solid wood, this is exactly is what a coffee table should be. Low-lying, with storage and ample tabletop space, this table fits well in a home with completely upholstered furniture. The tabletop space allows the homeowner to decorate and serve all in one go. 



Inspired from the 70s art-deco style, this table adds quirk to the decor along with serving its purpose. With enough serving and storage space, this table is right for compact homes that have an eclectic decor theme. 

Space saver


This deck of two coffee tables ensure that space is well-utilised. In case you need enough tabletop space, pull out the shorter table and use it. You could also place them the way it is shown in the picture above to give an interesting look to your furniture by making the tables a focal point. 

Desi way


Adding to your home a traditional decor theme? Take an inspiration from this completely upholstered coffee table with small wooden carved legs. This coffee table would go well with upholstered sofas and wing chairs giving warm look to your room. So go out experiment with your favourite colour to design this table.

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Last Updated: Thu Feb 14 2019

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