Looking For Ways To Design Your Duplex Home? Read This

Looking For Ways To Design Your Duplex Home? Read This

Looking For Ways To Design Your Duplex Home? Read This

Duplex homes are known to offer space, giving you enough room to deck it up beautifully and luxuriously. Here are five ways that could inspire you to create a wow factor in your duplex.

Make the most of tall wall

A duplex home always has one or more tall walls that do not have a break. A wall that is two-floors long is your experiment zone. Make the most of it. You could do many a thing with this wall making it a highlight of your home. You could turn this into a green wall, install a large mural, or just add an array of large-sized wall paintings. These décor ideas could give the right look to your home and make it look spacious, too.

Create small social spaces

Now that you have ample space, why not use it to create different social spaces across the home. Some formal and some informal settings could be helpful to serve different guests that pay you a visit. For instance, in your living room, you could create different spaces. While you have a formal sofa setting, add to it an informal floor seating with a partition in between. Or, how about adding a hammock to your other formal outdoor setting.

Create different layouts

You don’t have to follow one single theme to be running your duplex. Rather experiment with space by adding different layouts. You could create a complete social and colourful theme downstairs with your living and dining area. The rooms upstairs could be your bedroom with a more cozy and classy theme.

Make staircase the focal point

Staircase in your duplex home suddenly becomes a part of your décor. So, decking them up accordingly is important. Use of metallic handrails and interestingly designed staircase could be a great way to make these a focus.

Statement pieces work well

With high ceilings and ample space, statement pieces are for your duplex. Suspended pendant lighting, large corner plants and tall lighting lamps could be some that could give your duplex the right look.

Last Updated: Fri Aug 31 2018

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