Living In A Glass House Is Now A Reality & Comes At A Price Tag Of $5.5 Mn

Living In A Glass House Is Now A Reality & Comes At A Price Tag Of $5.5 Mn

Living In A Glass House Is Now A Reality & Comes At A Price Tag Of $5.5 Mn

Have you always fantasized about living in a home made of glass and in the middle of nowhere? Well, as strange as it sounds New York now has a glass house! Although New York won't be considered 'in the middle of nowhere', this glass house is in fact surrounded by green woods and comes with a hefty price tag.

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Intrigued? Well, here are some interesting facts about this see-through glass house:

    • A vision turned to reality: This structure was a vision of owner Juan A. Figueroa, that was engineered by Jeff Smilow of the Freedom Tower fame. Jeff Smilow is also known to be the brains behind other prominent projects including Citi Field, home of the New York Mets; Columbia University Manhattanville; and renovations to the Plaza Hotel and Grand Central Terminal.
  • In the woods: Spread in an area of 1.9 acres, it is surrounded by woods including a 20-acre rear reserve and a 50-foot side reserve. It is on the market with a price tag of $5.5 million.
  • The structure: The structure is largely made of low energy glass that ensures the heat levels don't rise and drop drastically. The structure gets it's standing from steel beams and concrete.

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  • Floor plan: It is a three-level structure of which one is underground and the following two are above the ground.  The ground level of the glass house is spread in an area of 5,000 sq ft. It boasts of a Scavolini custom kitchen and uses radiant heat. Without any walls or separators, this floor flows in to a living, a dining and an entertainment area. The top floor has two master suites, four guest rooms and six bathrooms. These rooms are totally exposed to the outside but privacy, when needed, can be provided using floor-to-ceiling curtains. Finally, the underground floor is which will give you a lot of privacy as it is invisible to the world. This floor has a four-car garage with a tunnel, a gigantic saltwater pool and a spa.
  • Modern-day home: The property is well-equipped with modern-day and futuristic technologies. So, how about a glass house that can be operated using a smartphone. 
Last Updated: Wed Feb 08 2017

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