Living Alone? Here's A To-Do List To Ensure Comfortable Living

Living Alone? Here's A To-Do List To Ensure Comfortable Living

Living Alone? Here's A To-Do List To Ensure Comfortable Living

Living solo nowadays has become a popular choice among youngsters. Whether you blame it on the busy work culture or changing social norms, more and more people in cities are opting for independent living. While you have decided to get into a shell, isolating yourself from the external world, a lot of planning is required to lead a secure and comfortable lifestyle. This refers to all aspects of house planning from choosing a suitable apartment to decorating the house.

MakaaniQ gives you a quick guide:

Keep your kitchen manageable

Carrying out household chores like cooking, cleaning, laundry and taking the bins out will be your responsibility, ensure that your house, particularly, the kitchen area has minimal items. There is no need to clutter the space with many sets of dishes, narrow it down to three or four.

Organise your space

A messy room could create a bad impression on the guests. Make sure you organise your stuff like clothes, shoes and accessories in the closet and racks. Collapsible wardrobes would be an ideal space-saving storage option.

Plants and pets are the best companions

Create a vibrant atmosphere by opting for indoor plants and freshly cut flowers in the living room. Have pets at home. If you cannot manage a cat or a dog, place bird feeders near a window, a beautiful aquarium or small bowls with colourful fishes. It is sure to magnify the elegance and charm of your home.

A mini library

Don't let your solitude dampen the excitement from your life. Books are the best friends. Create a mini library at home by installing trendy bookshelves. A mini study table in the corner of the house could be utilised either for reading purpose or as a home office space.

Outdoor space

Spending time at the patio or a balcony is one easy way to experience the outdoor world without stepping out of your home. A balcony is not just a storage area. Even if it is just a tiny area, take full advantage of this outdoor space at your home by opting for smart furnishings viz. trendy wicker chairs and attaching planters to the balcony railings. If space allows, hang up a hammock.


Finally, living alone has its disadvantages too as security becomes a major concern. Ensure that your home has all the essential safety features such as door locks, alarm systems and CCTV surveillance in the community. Hand over a spare house key to someone you trust, who could help you in a case of emergency. 

Last Updated: Wed Feb 08 2017

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