Live It Up: 7 Ways To Transform Your Rooftop

Live It Up: 7 Ways To Transform Your Rooftop

Live It Up: 7 Ways To Transform Your Rooftop

In today's urban setup, blessed are those who have rooftop rights. But, are you making the complete use of your rooftop? 

Rooftop is an open area which can be transformed into a picturesque space, with a little effort.

So, move beyond the plastic chairs and create a complete rooftop scene by using any of these seven ideas we present to you:

Chef's own open kitchen

rooftop kitchen(HGTV)

Cooking in the open could be the best thing to do at times when the weather is pleasantly cool. Set up a barbeque or even construct a small kitchen if you love cooking on the terrace regularly. Use this space to cook some sumptuous dishes for you, your family and friends. Spread out a lawn bench or lawn chairs and tables or a floor sitting set-up for everyone. There is nothing better to have an amazing food in an awesome weather.

The green top

Rooftop Garden(Dreamstime)

So you do not have enough space to spread out a garden of your own in the front or the backyard? Fret not! Your terrace could you with this. With a roof garden, fulfil your dream of nurturing the greens. Set up a garden full of your favourite flowers and plants or grow your own vegetables and herbs. Here are some tips if you plan to set up a rooftop garden.

Movie time

rooftop movie(Glassdoor)

How about watching a movie out in the open. All you need to bring in is a projector, screen and your favourite flicks. Create a cosy ambience with mattresses, pillows and some throws, cook bucket of popcorns, bring some cold drinks and you are ready to go. Watch movies with family or friends and have a blast.

Swim on

Rooftop pool(Dreamstime)

If your rooftop is strong enough to withstand a swimming pool, install one. Create a wooden deck around and a small pool in the centre. To complete the look, place a hammock or some pool lounges to soak up the sun. Light this area well, for your evening swim, too.

Lounging paradise

Rooftop Lounge(Dreamstime)

Is your rooftop is not spacious enough to have a pool or a complete garden? Don't worry, add wooden flooring, some terrace furniture including lounges, hammocks, or benches to create a perfect lounging space. Place some small plants around, light up with fairy lights and it's time to sip your favourite coffee and read a book.

A sleeping capsule

rooftop bedroom(victoriacondominiumguide)

How about creating a makeshift bedroom on the top. Cover a certain area with a wooden roof, hang some beautiful curtains on all the four sides, and place a bed in the centre. Sleep under the sky when the weather is pleasant and wake up fresh. You can also use this area for your morning exercise or yoga sessions.

Party on the top

Rooftop party(Dreamstime)

The most fun way to use your rooftop if you are a party animal. Design your rooftop such that there is a variety of furniture to seat people. Add chairs, lounges, ottomans, bean bags and even floor cushions to create enough space for many, add some fairy lights in different colours to create an effect. Make sure you have a rooftop bar to serve your guests. Get set, play some music and let the party begin.

Last Updated: Fri Oct 14 2016

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