Here's How To Set Up A Perfect Home Office On Budget

Here's How To Set Up A Perfect Home Office On Budget

Here's How To Set Up A Perfect Home Office On Budget

'Work from home' is a concept that is picking up in India. For housewives who plan to take up work-from-home or men who practise their profession from their homes, there is a need for a mini office to operate from. Having a laptop or a computer does not fulfill all the requirements of an office; to be able to work seamlessly, you also need to get a fully equipped workstation.

Decorating home office space

Try to look for décor items that you can move from one part of your home to your office space. For instance, if you are thinking to buy a new rug for your drawing room, then the old one can be used in your home office. Same is the case with other décor items such as table lamps or in case you have a spare furniture piece. Also, plants are an affordable home décor item that brings nature within the office space.

Create a separate space

It's essential to have a dedicated space for office that is separate from the regular noise and activity at home. When at work, you will need to concentrate, and that can happen only when the space you choose ensures a peaceful environment. If you have enough space, devote a complete room for an office; in case there is a paucity of space, simply use the corner space of your room or a window wall to create one.

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(Pinterest/Harper's Bazaar)

Invest in a good chair

While working, you will spend a lot of time in your office chair. It is a must to have a chair that ensures comfort and does not harm your back. This will help you to complete your tasks in time, without any health constraints.

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But you may also look out for ways to create affordable furniture pieces. Some of them are:

  • The first place is to look out for spare furniture pieces at your home. It could be possible that you have extra chairs or a table. You can put this furniture to use.
  • You can also look out for furniture sales or go to different web portals that can offer the same piece and that too at an affordable rate.
  • Give a makeover to an old table. Upgrade a plain brown desk with brass corner braces and fancy knobs.
  • You can ask neighbours if they are thinking to sell off their furniture pieces.
  • Use a colorful oilcloth to decorate worn wooden desktop.

Ample lighting

This is a part people often tend to neglect. Check that your workstation is not too bright or dim for you. Make sure there is sufficient light for you to work smoothly without any strain. Try to position the monitor screen in a direction that it is not facing the daylight directly. You can also keep a small lamp in case you need to work at night.

Light (pinterest.style me pretty)

(Pinterest.Style Me Pretty)

Right ambiance

You might get distracted while working from home. To concentrate completely on work, create a suitable ambiance. For an office at home, make sure your work area is away from regular noises of daily chores at home, and also the places where kids often play.

For better focus, paint the wall behind your workstation with pastel colours, which are soothing to the eye. Harsh or dark colours affect your concentration adversely.

ambience (pinterest.lushome)(Pinterest/Lushome)

Organise well

Office at home is more than your computer.  It also includes office stationery, paperwork, files and other documents that you need to keep safe. Create a space for an organiser, where you can store all your paperwork and files. Make sure you have adequate storage and keep it well organised.

storage (pinterest.apartment therapy)(Pinterest/Apartment Therapy)

Update your technology

When you are working from home, you need different gadgets to accomplish tasks. In today's times, technology is your best assistant. Make sure you have the latest technology that you can rely on. This includes computers, printers, smartphone, among other things.

technology (pinterest.designboom.com)(Pinterest/Designboom.com)

Personalise your desk

Personalise your workstation with things that help keep motivated and focused at work. Apart from your regular stationery, you could add a mug, family photo, motivational poster, etc.

Accessorise (pinterest. annawithlove photography)(Pinterest/Annawithlove Photography) 

While we shared with you the essentials of decorating a home office there are many who would want to decorate their office on a budget. We do not always have the privilege to take help from professional helpers. In such a case, here are some tips that will help you create a comfortable office space and that too on a budget.

Set your priorities

The first thing is to list what all you need. Then, simply choose the things that you want to spend on. Remove the ones that can be avoided. For instance, say no to rugs, shelving, desks, lighting and window coverings. Say yes to a great chair, computer and artwork.

Paint the walls

As home office space is not that large. One can choose to paint the walls. In case you are not comfortable with the idea of painting, then go for an elegant wallpaper. Do ensure that you choose wall décor or colours that will give a rich look to your office space.  This doesn't mean that you need to go for dark colours. Although such colours look great in photos, but in real life, it is very hard to work in a home office space that is painted in red.

Create economical office storage items

Go for inexpensive products as office stationery. Look around your home to find things that can be used for office storage purposes.  A decorative flower vase can be turned into a pen holder and scissors holder. Use an attractive ribbon to add to the grace of the vase. Create colourful boxes made out of cardboard and store things such as staplers, paper clips and other office clutter that you want to hide. Use napkin holder for placing your bills or things you need to take an action.

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Last Updated: Wed Jun 07 2017

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