7 Lighting Ideas For Your Bedroom

7 Lighting Ideas For Your Bedroom

7 Lighting Ideas For Your Bedroom

Setting up your bedroom to be the perfect relaxation destination? Lighting becomes the utmost important factor that ensures your goal is met. A perfectly balanced lighting that doesn’t impact the eye by being either too bright or too dark is what you need to achieve. Also, along with the right balance of intensity and colour temperature, the kind of fixtures that would fit in your bedroom aesthetically are important, too. Here we share some interesting lighting ideas that will brighten up and add aesthetics to your bedroom.

Old is gold


For those who love luxury, adding a chandelier to your bedroom has always been a good idea. Designed aesthetically, chandeliers can add the much-needed opulence, light to the room. For instance, in this bedroom setup, the crystal chandelier with candle-like top completes the look of this luxuriously designed bedroom.

In focus


Focal lighting installed right on the ceiling puts a complete focus on the bed. Moreover, for those who love to read before going to sleep, the lights on the side of the table along with focal lights could be perfect for you. These lights also accentuate a well-designed bed, too.

Right backing


A modern way of creating an accent wall in a bedroom is by lighting up the complete wall using LED lighting. In this bedroom, LED lights are installed in the hollow of the wall creating an effect along with lighting up the room. This lighting also accentuates the wave pattern designed on the wall.

Cozy up


This interesting bedroom lighting idea can be adopted by someone who loves quirk, also indulge in do-it-yourself activities. This pretty little corner can be lit up using string lights. 

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Bright and white


This bedroom is what a modern bedroom would look like. The highlight of this room is the two lighting fixtures that have been given a modern twist — the not-so-opulent chandelier and the metallic-finish side lamps. While the white chandelier ensures minimal light in the room, the side table lamps ensure a focus light accentuates the bed as well as the back wall. 

The contemporary side


The standing lamp on the bedside here oozes contemporary. Doubling up as a decorative with a photo stand, this lamp merges well with the upholstery of the room. 

Hanging around


These hanging pendants are a modern twist to the traditional bedside lamps. Accentuating the bed, the back wall and also, emitting enough light to brighten up the room, these pendant lamps make for a perfect option for those who love to be different.

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Last Updated: Fri Feb 08 2019

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