Light Up Your Kitchen Island With These Lights

Light Up Your Kitchen Island With These Lights

Light Up Your Kitchen Island With These Lights

Kitchen island has become a common part of every modular setup. An area that is designed as the focus of attraction of the kitchen, it becomes imperative to highlight and decorate it with perfect lights. The most common form of lighting used on the kitchen island is pendant lights that hang from the ceiling given that the island sits in the middle of the kitchen with no wall support. With plenty of options available in the market, MakaaniQ brings to you some tips and different types of pendant lights that can work best for your kitchen island:

Task lights

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As the name suggests, task lights are known for illuminating a focused area where one is working. If you want to illuminate a section of your kitchen for performing certain tasks such as chopping or reading a cookery book, then task lights are the best choice for you. Hang these lights downwards over a translucent bottom letting the lights to focus. Install an output bulb or a dimmer to create a mood effect.


Ambient lights

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Ambient lights are the general lights that illuminate the whole area rather than focusing on a spot. If you want your pendant lights to spread the light in the entire kitchen, then hang multiple pendant lights spread across the area. A single light would not be enough to illuminate the whole room. If you use the island for eating, then you can also opt for a softer light.

Accent lights

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Accent lights are usually used to highlight an art piece or a beautiful material. A kitchen would lack an art piece, but you can have an accent light to highlight your wooden or stone countertop.

Decorative lights


As the name suggests, these lights are used for decorative purpose. You can use these lights to glow softly in the kitchen area.

Some tips for choosing the right pendant light

  • Task lights should be hung 30 to 36 inches above the counter. If you hang bright bulbs higher, then make sure that you can see inside the cover.
  • You can mix 'n' match and hang multiple lights in contrast. For example, you can choose two types of pendant lights – a simple pendant and a chandelier.
  • LED lights are also another option to be used as a fixture for lighting the kitchen area.
  • If you want a chandelier in your kitchen and do not have much space, then choose multiple mini chandeliers to get the same feel.
  • A bell-shaped light in a solid material is a good option for a classic look.   

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Last Updated: Mon Nov 21 2016

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