Light Up Your House With Scones

Light Up Your House With Scones

Light Up Your House With Scones

Lighting is one of the most important elements in home décor that can give an instant uplift to your interior. A great lighting plan will improve the appearance of colors and furnishings, and it will also help you look and feel better in your space. Wall scones are one of the best ways to bring every nook and corner of your house to life. From the long entryway and patio to the bathroom and bedroom, these wall-mounted wonders can transform the appeal of any setting without much effort. Originated in the medieval castles which were used to illuminate rooms and corridors, wall scones have come a long way and become an indispensable part of modern-day interiors.

 MakaanIQ  explains how you can add scones to enhance your home interiors.

Space savers

By using a wall scone, valuable space can be saved because floor lamps or a bedside table lamps don't go well in a smaller setting. A wall mounted scone frees up the floor space so that you can use it for other purposes. Wall scones can also replace bedside lamps that take up valuable space.

Candle scones

Candle scones can transform any interiors and bring serenity and calmness to a place. Classic candle scones can accentuate any dull wall of your house. It also complements the fireplace and highlights the otherwise dull entrance of your house. You also use candle scones on your bedroom walls to add a dash of romance to your lives.

Accentuate the ambience

Sconce lights can be used as ambient lighting fixtures and look best in long corridors and livings spaces with a high ceiling. Scones combine with ambient lighting creates visual interest to a room. Scone lights are also useful for providing ambient lighting in a space like a slated ceiling and stairwell where ceiling fixtures don't work well.

Artistic focal point

Sconce light helps create an artistic focal point when placed on either side of a mirror, painting, or a piece of wall decor.

Large scone as an artwork

Using framed large scone as a piece of artwork can give an immediate bring your living room to life. Large sconces can look stunning on their own, especially when lit by candles.


Last Updated: Tue Nov 08 2016

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