Light It Up: Use Candles To Liven Up Your Home

Light It Up: Use Candles To Liven Up Your Home

Light It Up: Use Candles To Liven Up Your Home
Candles are the most inexpensive decoration material and are a suitable addition to the interior décor for all the seasons. (Dreamstime/Loonara)

Candles, among other things, are a home décor material that do more than just decorating your abode. For one, the potassium and sodium smoke released from candles helps regulate your heart beat and is also a good stress-buster.

MakaanIQ lists some ways in which you can use them in different parts of your home to light it up better, literally as well as metaphorically.

Guest room

Candles, one of the most inexpensive decoration materials, is a suitable addition to the interior décor for all seasons. You can have a beautifully designed candle-stand nailed on the wall to give your guest room a modern touch. Using floating candles in bowls or wine glasses also looks elegant. Another way to use candles is to place them in paper or metal lanterns to liven up the atmosphere. To shower a soft candle light in the room, make a chandelier using beer, champagne or wine bottles and tea-light candles. Suspend them from the ceiling of your home for an ethereal look.

The bedroom

Beautiful and scented candles are the perfect accessories to add the ultimate romantic touch to your bedroom. You can use round candles or small tea-light candles at different places in your bedroom, as it keeps the illumination at the minimum. Light them on windowsill, a side table or beautiful sconces, for a warm glow. Wall-mounted candle-holders are also a good choice, as they add a contemporary effect while maintaining safety.

The living room

A candle fixture on the walls or sides of the living room adds extra warmth for family get-togethers. You can either keep them bare or in holders, depending on your space and style. A set of beautifully arranged candles on a decorative tray is a glamorous addition to the living room. Use fixed-wall candle-holders, instead of conventional electric lights to add extra warmth.

The bathroom

Put some petals and candles in a full bath during a party to offer a pleasant surprise to the guests. You may get floating candles especially designed for this purpose. Even on a regular day, you could relax in your bathtub while your favourite aromatic candle melts close by.

The lawns

Use of candles is no more limited to just the inside home décor. Illuminating your garden can magically affect the guests arriving at your doorsteps. Place lights alongside the footpath to guide your guests. Large and beautiful floating candles are a beautiful and captivating addition to the outdoor swimming pool. You can also decorate candles alongside the footpath or the entrance of the house. However, while using candles outside, make sure that they are kept at a safe distance from plants and are extinguished after use.

Last Updated: Sat Jun 18 2016

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