Let There Be More Light: 7 Types Of Lighting & Their Uses

Let There Be More Light: 7 Types Of Lighting & Their Uses

Let There Be More Light: 7 Types Of Lighting & Their Uses

Lighting is a key component of home décor. Keeping that in mind, the supply side has been continuously filling up the market with a large number of products. This is why when you go for picking up things to light your home up, you might find it confusing to understand the uses of these products.

To help you get a clear idea on that, MakaanIQ lists seven types of lighting and explains how they can add beauty to your home:

Ambient lights


Known as natural lighting in photography terms, ambience lights do not focus on anything specific but add an overall soft glow to a home. When put in place under a proper scheme, ambience lights would could have a really calming effect on your nerves.

Task lights


As the name suggests, tasks lights are lights used to focus specifically on any particular area your room. These lights, available in small form, are used to highlight specific tasks that require more than usual lighting and helps you concentrate. Tasks include cooking, reading, writing and sewing. These lights have a greater impact when used with contrast lights. For instance, a task light will be more effective in a low-lit room than a brightly lit room.

Recessed lights


Also known as spotlights, this type of lighting are used as accent lights to highlight or bring focus to something specific in a room. For instance, if you have an artwork displayed in your living room, you could use recessed lights to highlight it better. You could also use them on the accent walls of your room.

Pendant lights


More of a beauty addition, pendant lights or chandeliers boost the aesthetics of your décor. A perfect fit for high ceilings, these also add more depth to a room. Place them in the foyer, living room or even bathroom to add a touch of luxury. However, installing them too low could be cumbersome and would also fail their basic purpose. Opt from the vintage elaborate pieces made in bronze-or copper-coloured metal or contemporary straightline pieces designed in silver-tone metal.

Wall lights


Wall lights or wall scones are a mix of both utility and aesthetics. These lights act as a highlight when used with other pendant or ambient lights in a room. These are also an alternate when you want minimal light in a particular room. These lights, which can be installed indoor and outdoor both, should be placed sparingly at a right distance.

Landscape lights


As the name suggests, these lights are used to add beauty to your outdoors. If you have a garden or a pathway, use bollards to light the way. You could also add wall scones along with automated track lights that light up when there is movement. 

Last Updated: Sat Jun 18 2016

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