How Is Technology Transforming The Evergreen Solid Wood Furniture

How Is Technology Transforming The Evergreen Solid Wood Furniture

How Is Technology Transforming The Evergreen Solid Wood Furniture

Customised furniture made of solid wood furniture has been the choice of homeowners for years. Now, with technology taking the front seat, this customised furniture is not restricted to design anymore. Brands are coming up with innovative furniture designs that include a coffee table with an in-built speaker, a cabinet with a television pop-up, or a couch an in-built charging point. The options are plenty. One such brand that is offering these innovative designs is Delhi-based Alankram. In a conversation with MakaaniQ Alankram Managing Partner, Dhwanit Parmar, shares his views on how solid wood furniture has changed over time. Here are the edited excerpts from the interview.


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Q: How has consumer demand changed in the past few years? What kind of demand are you seeing in the market?

A: Homeowners today are looking for unique customisations, and furniture that is classy and looks premium. They are also ready to pay the price that comes with these designs. Most of our clients willing to invest in customised furniture are based in Bengaluru, Ahmedabad and Surat. Delhites, too, like to spend on furniture but their taste is different from the rest of the areas.


Q: How much more expensive is solid wood furniture as compared to the regular one?

A: Solid wood used to make furniture comes in different grades. Of these, white oak wood is the most economical option while teak wood is the most expensive. There is also steam beech wood that is expensive than white oak but cheaper than teak. In terms of pricing, a single chair made of white oak could cost you around Rs 23,000 while the same chair made in teak wood could go upto Rs 29,000. In case you plan to set up your complete living room furniture in teak, it could cost you up to Rs 20 lakhs, depending upon the variety and design.


Q: What makes solid wood furniture so expensive?

A: The cost of furniture depends upon various factors such as design, workmanship, wood and fabric quality and wastage factor. In some designs, waste can go up to 60 per cent of the wood block. Furniture today is also given an anti-termite treatment to keep it safe from infestation. Also, the size of the furniture plays an important role in deciding the cost of the set.


Q: What are the latest innovations that Alankram is working on?

A: At Alankram, we have come up with tech-based furniture. For instance, we have sofa with in-built charging point and USB port starting at Rs 1.45 lakhs, a TV-lift cabinet with a pop-up remote and tables with in-built speakers starting at Rs 30,000. We also have a range of space-saving furniture which is compact and useful for small homes. Also, solid wood is easy to maintain, provided the quality of wood and melamine quoted is good.


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