Tips To Set Up A Gender-Neutral Room For Children

Tips To Set Up A Gender-Neutral Room For Children

Tips To Set Up A Gender-Neutral Room For Children

Media reports say that Britain’s royal couple, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who are expecting their first child, are keen on setting up a gender-neutral room for their soon-to-be-born child. The couple aims to break the stereotype of “blue for a boy” and “pink for a girl”.

If you too do not intend to go for the blue-if-it’s-a-boy and pink-if-it’s-a-girl choice while setting up your child’s nursery, here are some tips that you as soon-to-be-parents could follow.

Shades unlimited

Colour kids theme

Let not a single colour define the imagination of the child. Using a wide array of colours not only stimulates the mind of a child and allows them to embrace them all. You could use bright colours such as red, orange, yellow, or opt for pastel colours such as gray, white, beige and brown. While bright colours help stimulate their mind, pastel colours work well in all kind of weather conditions and provide flexibility when planning to change the decor.

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Limitless themes


Why stick to cartoons when decorating your child’s room? Pick themes that help them know what the world is not made of. Sky is the limit here as you could pick a million elements nature provides. Rivers and mountains and beaches and star-lit skies all would make them wonder and learn at the same time. If you child is old enough to be fascinated with a superhero, you must also allow them to have room based on that superhero.

Simple designs


For a gender-neutral room for your children, invest in designs that are not flamboyant. Buy furniture and decorative that are subtle in design and can go long even when you child grows up. Avoid too much of ornamentation or carving as that might give a feel of an inclination towards a particular gender.

In letter and spirit 


Want to give your child a personalised space, especially in case of two siblings of different genders sharing a space? You could get them things that would have the initials of their names. For instance, you could put up a wall artwork of their initials on top of both their beds that could define their space and personalise it. You could also get them two different study chairs with carved initials, or such pillow.

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Functional furniture 


Furniture is an investment for years, even it is for a child’s room. Buy furniture that they could use for at least seven to eight years. For instance, invest in a bed that is made of solid wood in its natural colour rather than it being of gender-specific. This would mean that this bed would still be of the child’s liking even when they grow older into teens.

Last Updated: Tue Apr 16 2019

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