All About Jeff Bezos’ $80-Mn Penthouse In NYC

All About Jeff Bezos’ $80-Mn Penthouse In NYC

All About Jeff Bezos’ $80-Mn Penthouse In NYC
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When you are the world’s richest man, living on one of the super-luxury and sought-after addresses is what you choose to do. The world’s richest man and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos did exactly the same. The man with a net worth of more than $110 billion recently invested in a five-storey property on the Fifth Avenue in New York City for a whopping $80 million, media reports suggest. The property Bezos invested in, includes a three-storey penthouse and two floors underneath it.

Where is Jeff Bezos’ property located?

The super-luxury property that Jeff Bezos bought last week is located on the Fifth Avenue overlooking Manhattan’s famous Flatiron Building. The Fifth Avenue is among the most expensive real estate pockets in New York City having a rich cultural and historic significance. The locality lies merely a few steps away from the famous Central Park boasting of vast green cover and the iconic Empire Building. The Fifth Avenue itself has some beautiful tree-lined boulevards with historic mansions and bespoke luxury apartments. It is also a perfect luxury retail destination housing some of the prime fashion brands, art galleries, fine-dine restaurants, among others.

What are the features of Jeff Bezos’ NYC apartment?

The multi-storey property is a visual to behold. The property, in which Jeff Bezos’ apartments are, was first constructed in 1912. Later, Madison Equities refurbished the old building, which was a manufacturing unit, into a 50-condo structure. For the three-level penthouse, one which Bezos has bought, the developers had added two more floors to the building allowing them to have a 5,000-sqf space for an outdoor private pavilion.

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The three-storey penthouse and two units underneath are together spread in an area of 17,000 square foot (sqf). The property, known to be the second most expensive sold in 2019, has at least a dozen bedrooms. The penthouse, spread in an area of 10,000 sqf has five bedrooms, five-and-a-half bathrooms and a seven-room master suite.

The penthouse, which was priced at a high of $74 million in 2017, was now sold for $58 million. The remaining two units were sold for $28.5 million.

The interiors of the property have been done by Pembroke and Ives with a focus on neutral palette, marble accents that accentuate minimalism. While the kitchen of the penthouse has an attached butler's pantry, the added pavilion has a partial glass floor to provide a skylight to the floor below which makes this area into an “observatory”. Additionally, the living room on the top of the penthouse has a sliding glass door that connects the indoor and outdoor living space.

The property has ample corners that offer unobstructed and breathtaking views of the Fifth Avenue and Manhattan as a whole. These include bedroom, dining area and living room, all of which have life-size windows. Imagine lying in the bathtub of your apartment with a direct view of the Empire Building.

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