Interesting Decor Ideas For A Defence Personnel's Home

Interesting Decor Ideas For A Defence Personnel's Home

Interesting Decor Ideas For A Defence Personnel's Home

Major Sawant, who works with the Indian Army, has just moved to Pune along with his wife, following his posting to the city. The couple, which has been given a government accommodation, is now thinking of how to decorate their new home. The couple has to think it through every time they shift to a new home which happens frequently.

Clearly, military families are always on the move from one city to another. Decorating a temporary home could be an interesting affair but an equally challenging task as one has to put in the same amount of effort every time. 

MakaanIQ lists some smart and eye-catching décor trends that military families can add to their homes:

Photo gallery on the wall



Pictures do tell a story. Choose a prominent place in the living room, which is likely to be in the line of sight of the seated guests, to create a photo gallery. You could choose from family portraits or if you love photography then some of your works could add to the charm, too. In case your home has stair walls, this could be another area you could look at. 

Go for neutral colours


Adding colours to your living room not only means painting the walls but opting for a classic combination of neutral furnishings and upholstery including table cloth, chairs, throw pillows, rugs, etc. Feel free to mix and match colours to ensure that it doesn't look too plain. For example, add in some red or yellow hues to the décor if you choose a beige accent for the room. You could even go for the typical army green colour to create a theme.

Maximise storage space


Smartly plan the storage areas in your house. Defence personnel usually prefer small-sized rented apartments. Opt for tables and beds with drawers or sidebars with extra shelving. Create a storage space on the doors using hanging organisers and similar small space hacks by doing some research online.

Add a personal touch


Decorate your home with the many collectables you picked up from the towns you have lived in so far. This will surely kindle fond memories. Wood antique, foreign furniture, showpieces and souvenirs are brilliant décor options to create a classy look.

Say it with books 


A sturdy bookshelf could be a great way to not only place all those bestsellers you own, but they are also a convenient way to display your awards, plaques and other knick-knacks.

Illuminate it well

060117 Wikimedia Lighting(Wikimedia)

Ideal lighting will help make your home appear larger. Install decorative lighting, especially, modern lamps and light bulbs emitting softer light. Light up all corners of your house to generate a vibrant ambience. Make a statement with lamp designs such as gun lamps or vintage war helmet table lamps.

Last Updated: Thu Jan 12 2017

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