Innovative Lighting Ideas To Add A Spark To Your House

Innovative Lighting Ideas To Add A Spark To Your House

Innovative Lighting Ideas To Add A Spark To Your House

Lamps lend a character to a room. Apart from complementing the lighting system, they are equally useful as independent units illuminating the gloomy corners of a house. With ample designs, shapes, colours and dimensions, lamps have the potential to change the tone of a room.

MakaanIQ throws light on a few creative lamp styles to bring your house to life.

Torn lighting



This concept can fit into a contemporary house and is apt for any space.

If you see lights coming out from a peeled wall covering, don't get surprised, it is one of the latest concepts for your home décor. While your house is still under construction or you are revamping your rooms, give some artificial cracks to your wall and insert LED lights. Another way is to paste a fake layer of painted paper to your wall, especially on the edges and corners. Inspired by ordinary surfaces we see every day like paint chipping, wallpaper peeling or a poster slipping, it's an innovative way to brighten up the dark corners. 

PVC pipe lights


(Pinterest/Cuded Art & Design)

It is an awesome and a romantic way to turn your PVC pipes into an LED light lamp. An easy-on-pocket way, PVC pipe lights are designed to contribute good airflow around the bulb. Cut a long pipe diagonally and seal the hole properly with a cardboard or any thick paper. Paint the outer body or paste any decorative item on it. You can also try new spray paints that stick to the plastic easily. Now, put LED lights inside the pipe.

Tree branch chandelier


(Allan Knight)

For us, rustic is artless and unsophisticated. But if you put rustic style into your interior design then the result would be surprisingly worthy. Get hold of a broken tree branch, hang it under your ceiling, arrange some colourful string of LED lights or a bunch of mini bulbs of contemporary design and hang them up. Not only it will give a natural look but also make your house distinct from others. Indoor or outdoor, this design is soul winner of every corner.

Last Updated: Fri May 27 2016

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