In The Wild: 5 Ways To Add Animal Prints To Your Décor

In The Wild: 5 Ways To Add Animal Prints To Your Décor

In The Wild: 5 Ways To Add Animal Prints To Your Décor

Animal prints add a dash of wildness to any space. From the hues of brown and gold of the leopard print to the classy black-and-white zebra print or the ferocious black-and-brown tiger print, the patterns are aplenty. Though many of us have these prints in our wardrobes, only a few introduce these to their home décor.

MakaanIQ lists five ways in which you can let your imagination run wild without compromising on the style quotient:

Up on the wall


Transform one of the walls of your living room, bedroom or study with animal print. Apply a wallpaper of your favourite animal print and then decorate the area based on the print you select. For instance, if you are picking a zebra print, use more of glass decorative, white or neutral furnishing, along with a dash of bright-coloured flowers sitting in a glass vase. Make sure the room is spacious enough as animal prints on the wall tend to make the room look smaller and cosier.

Let it sit


Get hold of one wing-back arm chair or a pair of them and place in your living area or study. Opt for the right print based on the existing décor style of your home. For instance, if your home has a strong presence of wooden furniture and darker shades, opt for leopard or tiger print. And, if the home is defined more by white, grey or silver, choose the zebra print.

 Flat on the floor


The most traditional form of rugs is one with animal prints. In ancient times, hunters used real animal skins and had them spread on the floor or hung on the walls. Well, don't go big-game hunting, rather go rug hunting. You could find rugs with animal prints or those cut out in the form of an animal, aping an original animal skin. You could also opt for a tiger print rug, a bear print rug or a zebra print. This would give your home a touch of wild rawness.

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 Cushion it up


Do you think showcasing animal prints in bigger décor items like furniture, wall or rugs is way too much for you? How about doing it up with cushions? Place a pair of cushions on your five-seater sofa or on your bed. Contrast these cushions with those of neutral shades. For instance, if you opt for tiger print, opt for subtle browns or golds for other cushions; if you opt for zebra print, use white, grey or black cushions. These neutral cushions will mellow the prints and subtly add drama to your décor.

Illustrate it

f352a6849774bd609bf0df382dd61fe8(Pinterest/Touch of Class)

An interesting way of showcasing your love for animal prints is displaying them artistically. Paint the walls of your living area or bedroom in a pastel shade and hang a wall painting (small or big depending on the size of your room). The neutral background will highlight the artwork. You can opt from a mix of different animal prints or a painting that showcases an animal face or a life-size animal print.

Last Updated: Wed May 31 2017

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