Tips To Bring Your Home's Basement To Life

Tips To Bring Your Home's Basement To Life

Tips To Bring Your Home's Basement To Life

Basements are useful underground spaces in a building. Houses with basements are common in India, but, usually utilised for storage or even running any business. Well-maintained basement space can actually enhance the resale value of your property. However, basements are easily susceptible to flooding, leakage and other problems which is why waterproofing is a must.

MakaaniQ brings you useful maintenance tips to keep your basement safe and appealing.

Keep it ventilated

Basements are prone to dampness and seepage problems. Increased moisture levels can push on the concrete creating cracks on the walls. They can also promote the growth of mould and fungus. It is thus necessary to keep the space well ventilated. Installing exhaust fans can be an easy way to provide proper ventilation.

Ear to the ground

The floor is a vital element of the basement. Regularly inspect the ground for moisture or wetness. Ensure the gutters and downspouts are installed far from the building structure so that water is directed a safe distance away from the house. Place rocks and gravel around borders of the basement as they absorb moisture effectively. Cover the ground with waterproofing material.

Don't forget waterproofing

To prevent seepage of water, use high quality and water-resistant paint for the basement walls. Also, ensure you cover exposed insulation by using thick plastic sheeting for walls and other areas. Safeguard the electrical, plumbing as well as heating and air conditioning devices. Provide insulation for the water pipes to keep a tab on any leakage. Perform regular inspections to find any broken seals, deteriorating or faulty insulation. Check the ducts and look for cracks. Undertake repair works immediately.

Let there be light

 Since basements do not have access to natural light, it is important to ensure proper lighting for the area by installing various lighting fixtures. Recessed ceiling lights are suitable options for lighting a basement area. Basement windows are an excellent way to let natural light and fresh air in. Make sure the windows are sealed and insulated.

Remove the musty smell

Basements are known to be stuffy and exude a typical smell caused from mildew or even moulds. A dehumidifier is another valuable tool which can help reduce excess moisture and the smell too.

Check for pest infestations

It is however not advised to use the basement for storing things like clothes and books. In case you are using the basement as storage space, it is important to prevent infestation by pests. Look for signs of droppings and take immediate action. Go for professional pest control service.

Having a basement at your home is a plus. It may appear a boring place in the whole set-up but, if revamped, it can turn into a useful space for a variety of purposes.

Here are some tips to design and transform the basement of your home:

Choose a theme

At times, a certain theme does not fit well into your living area or bedroom. But to explore and let your creativity flow, a basement could be your experiment zone. Use wallpaper or opt for wall decals as part of the theme, use matching upholstery and have customised furniture to complete the look.


Play with colours

As basements are dark, it is advised to paint the walls with light or pastel colours. Also, how about making the walls your own canvas and paint them on your own?

Treat it like other rooms

When re-modelling your basement, do not think it as just utilising an extra space of your home. Treat your basement as any other room of your home and focus equally on designs. Use wallpapers, hang artwork and paintings, add furniture and rugs. If designed well, you can make this area as one of the favourite spots of your home for your family members. Also, you could transform it into your party space.

Here is what you can transform your basement into:

Kitchnette and bathroom

If you are using your basement as one of the main rooms of your home, get a kitchenette and a bathroom, too, in the basement area. Otherwise, you would have to climb upstairs again and again to use these utilities. 

Besides, you could transform your basement into: 

An entertainment zone

If you desired to have your own home theatre system, basement could be the best place to have one. Keep recliners or comfortable couches to make it a perfect entertainment room. It can be a perfect spot to enjoy movies or play your favourite games with your family or friends.

A play area

If you love to have your own snooker or tennis table and don't have enough space in your home, the basement could be an ideal place to have fun. You can also create a playhouse for your kids in the basement.

A multipurpose room

If you have a spacious basement and many hobbies, you do not have to dedicate your room for any one of them. Divide the basement into different zones to fulfill different requirements.

A mini office

If you work or run a business from home, the basement is the best area to be transformed into a mini office.

Take on renters

If you are seeking some extra income, you could consider renovating your basement and listing it for rent. There would be many prospective tenants looking for similar spaces.

With inputs from Shweta Talwar

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Last Updated: Mon Sep 25 2017

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