Here Are Some Unique Lobby Design Ideas For Your Property

Here Are Some Unique Lobby Design Ideas For Your Property

Here Are Some Unique Lobby Design Ideas For Your Property

A lobby is the foremost interior space in any building, be it an office, a hotel or a residential building. It is, in fact, a community living room where guests can gather and relax while also serving as a transition area that links the interiors with the outside.

For an apartment building, the lobby is a reflection of the house interiors and creates the first impression of new homebuyers and guests. Architect Alankrutha, who works at Chennai-based developer Navin’s N-Hance says “A lobby space is one of the first interior space a person comes in contact inside an apartment, that makes a testament. Be it a duplex apartment or luxury or uber luxury projects, the lobby space remains the same, it only varies in its functionality.”

From small and cosy to spacious and luxurious, lobbies have evolved according to the needs of the building. It is, however, important to create a space that is appealing and functional at the same time.

We bring some exclusive design tips for your apartment lobby:


Alankrutha says “Apart from aesthetic function, lobby space can be used extensively for security screening, facilitating third-party interaction and as a welcoming or reception area. In most of the apartments, the lobby spaces are maintained by an external servicing agency responsible for monitoring entry and exit of third-party members aiding the safety of inmates.”

A primary space which gives access to outsiders, lobbies must be designed from a security standpoint. The exterior doors are left unlocked for most part of the day. This is why, facilities like CCTV monitoring, security desk and security guards play a vital role. Moreover, good lighting in an apartment lobby not just brightens up the entrance but also gives a sense of safety for the residents. Lobby lighting system should not be glaring but instead should offer a comfortable outdoor-to-indoor transition for the eyes. Lighting systems with dimming controls work best for this purpose.  


Abhineet Seth, a seasoned interior designer with over 15 years of industry experience, says that a lobby is a thoroughfare and proper space planning is a crucial step in the design process. For instance, it should be ascertained beforehand how many people can be accommodated and accordingly the estimated space should be allotted for the lobby space. He says, “What we often get to see is that lobby spaces are usually larger for lesser number of flats per building whereas they should actually be larger when number of flats per building are more.”

Abhineet also suggests that lobbies must have ample seating areas for visitors. “In fact, there should be more open spaces in front of the elevators with adequate chairs for people waiting for the lift to come down, particularly expecting mothers or senior citizens," he advises. Some modern apartment lobbies are disabled-friendly, too, with ramps and wheelchair access.

A high-traffic space such as a lobby should also be designed with great attention to maintenance and choice of materials. Designers often focus on the aesthetic impact of the materials used. However, the durability of the materials should also be kept in mind. This is applicable especially for the flooring. Low-finish granite and marble floors are good options when choosing flooring options for an apartment lobby. Colourful tiles of semi-precious material, which could be slightly expensive, can be another interesting way to build an attractive lobby space.


“One could incorporate high ceiling with suspended lighting, water screens, mini pond, false ceiling, thematic paintings and many more that enhances the aesthetics and visual quality of lobby space. Also, we could use the name board walls, generally a part of the lobby with different creative treatments, with unique provisions for letter drop, that are functionally perfect and aesthetically unique.” shares Alankrutha.

A lobby must ideally be a welcoming space. Use of the right design elements can help bring the desired aesthetic appeal to space. Interesting artwork, feature walls, murals and sculptures, indoor plants, warm ceiling lights or beautiful hanging lamps are easy ways to create a statement.


When a lobby is large and spacious, it becomes a place where residents could sit and interact. This calls for ample seating areas. Since one size does not fit all, creating a variety of seating options from straight-backed wooden chairs to cushy sofas is a wise idea. Modern and lighter custom furniture pieces are more in demand these days compared to the traditional ones. Furnishings with glass surfaces or mirrors add elegance while visually expanding the space. Also, the presence of water dispensers or vending machines with snacks and beverages proves to make the visitors have an hassle-free time waiting at the location.

Last Updated: Fri Dec 14 2018

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