How To Upcycle Broken Items To Adorn Your Home

How To Upcycle Broken Items To Adorn Your Home

How To Upcycle Broken Items To Adorn Your Home

Most of our household items are prone to breakage or wear and tear. Once broken, these objects find their way to the trash bin that could have otherwise been brought back to life through creative recycling. Repurposing lets you explore countless new styles, only limited by your imagination, to add charm and uniqueness to your dwelling, that too, within a budget.

MakaaniQ brings you some interesting ways to reuse discarded and broken stuff for home décor.

Convert the broken ladder into a towel rack

Towel Rack, Ladder


If there's a ladder at your home that is missing some rungs or steps, upcycle it into a towel rack for the bathroom. It could also be used to keep bulky linens or blankets and add a rustic look to the space.

Old CDs for wall décor

candles, CDs

The surface of a compact disc is elegant and can enhance the beauty of any wall. Old CDs can be used as door hangers and can be hung using a ribbon. They can be turned into a wall clock or an ornament for decorating a Christmas tree. They can serve as decorative coasters for cups and candle holders, with colourful fabric pasted onto their surfaces.

Vintage door as a crafting table or shelf

Vintage Door

An old vintage door can be converted into a rustic beverage station, bookshelf or a room corner shelving, by adding shelving and galvanised trays. A sofa frame can be created by recycling an old or broken door and then topped up with a cushion. Turn an unused door frame into a crafting table or suspend it from a tree using a sturdy rope. This makes for a cool outdoor picnic table.

Chipped tea cups for lighting

teacup lighting

Chipped tea cups or terracotta pots can be recycled as a decorative candle by filling them with candle wax. Some chipped tea cups can also be utilised as side table lamp shades, curtain tiebacks or even a beautiful chandelier.

Broken cutlery for outdoor décor


If completely shattered or fragmented, chinaware plates can be strung together and used as a wind chime. A combination of old keys and silverware comprising of spoons and forks, can be used to make a do-it-yourself (DIY) wind chime. Cracked chinaware plates can also be used to mark your garden limits or turned into fridge magnets. Bent spoons can be put up as garden markers or as drawer pulls, too.

Turn vintage suitcases into pet beds

Pet bed Decor

If you have preserved your grandfather's suitcase in his loving memory, bring it to use by repurposing it as a cosy 'bunk bed' for your four-legged friend, by padding it with a comfy pillow and cushion.

Turn rickety chairs into lawn swings


A wobbly chair that is no longer serving its purpose, can be given a new lease of life by changing it into a garden swing. Remove its legs and suspend it tightly from a tree branch. Join two or more broken chairs to have a rustic garden bench. You can also make a hanger or a tie rack from a broken chair back

Use a broken bathtub as a couch


If you are planning to discard an old bathtub or washing machine drum, reinvent them by converting them into a garden couch. Cover them with a wooden frame upholstered with foam and fabric.

Last Updated: Tue Jul 25 2017

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