How To Remodel Your Old Family Home?

How To Remodel Your Old Family Home?

How To Remodel Your Old Family Home?

With growing family, one needs more space to support the changing needs of the family. Old homes usually are smaller and lack mediums to support the modern needs. This creates the need to change the structure of the old homes. For this, have a clear understanding of the architecture of your old home, including the condition of its finishes, materials and systems.

MakaaniQ shares a couple of ways through which you can redevelop your old home:

Enhance the utility of your home

Remodelling of a house is not only about improving the aesthetic appeal of the home. It also focuses on improving the utility of the home for its occupants. You can increase the utility of your old home with these following tips:

  • Change the wiring and go for the modern plumbing system.
  • Create a modern kitchen with latest gadgets. It will help you to perform daily chores in an efficient manner.
  • Clear out the drains or leakages that make the walls damp.
  • Replace old lights with modern-day efficient LED lights. This would make your house more energy-efficient.

Replacing old structures with the new ones

Look through each of your rooms and list the problems you face in your current living space. For instance, your master bedroom does not have enough space. In older homes, a bedroom does not have enough space. But, modern homes have bedrooms that offer generous space and have an attached bathroom along with a special place for wardrobe. The solution to this is that you can expand your bathroom and wardrobe by taking over an adjacent bedroom. People do this especially when the kids move out of home for education or work purposes. Like this, see the problems with the structures of your current living space and then ask the expert for its solution.  

Make it new with a splash of colour

A splash of colour can make the home look new. Colours add brightness to the home and also have the ability to influence our moods. Here, we give you a list of colours that you can choose from depending upon the different mood you want to create in your home:

  • Red: Red leads to high energy levels and can be used in your living room as it stimulates conversation.
  • Yellow: Yellow communicates happiness and is a perfect choice for dining rooms, kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Blue: Blue creates calming and serene effect making it ideal for bedrooms and bathrooms.
  • Green: Green brings rest to the eyes and is a great choice for the bedroom.
  • Purple: Purple denotes luxury and creativity making it a perfect fit for drawing room.
  • Orange: Orange boosts excitement and is a perfect option for an exercise room.

Kiss the greens

Creating a beautiful garden area can be a great way to remodel your old home. The colourful flowers along with the greens would bring a new life to your old home. Plants with pink, red or yellow flowers are perfect in case the exteriors of your home is white in colour or have any pastel shade. Moreover, you can also go for indoor plants. This will bring greenery in and around your home.

Last Updated: Tue Sep 20 2016

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