How To Make Your Kitchen More Accommodative

How To Make Your Kitchen More Accommodative

How To Make Your Kitchen More Accommodative

Your kitchen is the space that witnesses heavy-duty activity daily. Owning to that, having all things handy that make the cooking and dining process easy is a must. However, there are times when lack of space stops us from doing so.

How can you make sure that the space is used in such a way that all that you need during the cooking stays close? Here goes:

Let it overlap


















If you do not want to clutter the limited space, overlapping placement of kitchen appliances can be a good idea. In the kitchen shown in the picture, there is only one countertop, which could not accommodate everything. Here, microwave is fitted above the refrigerator to save the space. In your kitchen, you can also tuck the microwave underneath the countertop in a lower cabinet.

Keep it flexi



Flexibility is another factor that is going to help you use your kitchen space optimally. Having a slim movable cabinet which is infused in your kitchen wall, for instance, can be of great help. If there is not much space, you can also opt for a movable or flexible small cabinet which can be pulled down easily and can work as your pantry.

Keep it moving

work surface  (pinterest)










Small kitchens generally have only one countertop. At times, they fail to offer enough space to you to perform your duties as a cook—the chopping, the slicing, the grating, etc. An easy and neat solution to the problem is having a pullout counter. All you need to do is drag the surface with the handle and work.

Let it hang

plants (pinterest)


You always wished to have a kitchen garden but lack of space does not allow you to do so. Now, there is a way to get some plants growing in your small kitchen. Get container plants and hang them in your kitchen window. These plants will easily get sunlight here while your countertop will remain clear.

Every nook and corner


















The corners or the area near the window can be best used by installing a sink. You can easily fit double sinks in the corner area. This space, which is ideal for planting plumbing pipes, is often left unused.

Tuck it in

breakfast table

















Having limited space does not mean you cannot enjoy your tea or breakfast here. With smart planning, you can easily fit a breakfast bar or a café table to have your morning coffee. You can tuck-in backless stools under the countertop or can fit a tiny table with small chairs to enjoy your meal.

Last Updated: Wed Feb 08 2017

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