No Pestering: Some Natural Ways To Clear Bugs & Rodents

No Pestering: Some Natural Ways To Clear Bugs & Rodents

No Pestering: Some Natural Ways To Clear Bugs & Rodents

Pests pester us to no end. Apart from being annoying, these omnipresent creatures in your house are a source of many deadly diseases, too. 

Though pests cannot be altogether exterminated, MakaanIQ brings you some tricks and ways to keep these intruders at bay in an economical way.


These are loathed by each one of us, particularly as they invade our kitchens and jump on our food items. Soap water, beer, catnip and boric acid have been known to be effective in keeping these nocturnal creatures away. Administer them either directly or by preparing a bait. Take precautions not to keep food leftovers in the open. Make optimum use of the common and easily available insect repellents in the market. 


Termites feed on wooden structures and furniture in moist or damp areas of your house. These are usually found in subtropical and tropical regions. Mud tunnels are a familiar sign of termite infestation, as they eat away wood completely. Install high-quality termite-resistant wooden furnishings to dodge these white-ants. Plug the leaks and discard the scrap on your terrace or backyard, particularly paper, cardboards, fabrics, timber, etc. Termites have a low tolerance to air and light, so make sure your house gets ample air and light. If nothing helps, a professional termite inspection may be the only answer.


You could ignore them if they were just a few. But you often notice an army of ants marching up the wall. They transmit germs when they come in contact with eatables; some of them even bite, leaving prickly blotches on the skin. Cracks in walls, doors or windows are the abode of ants. Block the fissures with cement or metal. Lemon juice, cinnamon, coffee grounds, chalk, white vinegar, peppermint, etc, are the best weapons against these household enemies. Creating a moat around foodstuff containers and jars with adhesive tape is a smart way to defeat the enemy's army.


Alas, mosquito bites need no explanation! These uninvited guests even cause malaria, dengue and other such diseases. Use nets or insect screens for your home. Basil and lavender plants are known to be natural mosquito repellents; place them in your garden or balcony. Basic steps to prevent mosquito breeding include disposing of stagnant water, regular cleaning of gutters and use of garbage bins with lids. Lighting camphor, spraying water boiled with crushed garlic cloves in the air, applying eucalyptus or lavender body oil, placing a bowl with beer, etc, are some proven methods of countering mosquito issues. The aroma of rosemary, mint, tea tree oil, citronella oil, Indian lilac oil, coconut oil and neem oil also irritate mosquitoes.


They are scary and wreak a havoc in your kitchen at nights. Peppermint oil or plants, moth balls, ammonia, pepper, bay leaf, onions, baby powder and organic solutions are natural deterrents for these pests. Rats also detest electronic devices that emit ultrasonic beeping sound.

Last Updated: Fri Jun 23 2017

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