How To Light Up Your Puja Room

How To Light Up Your Puja Room

How To Light Up Your Puja Room
A puja ghar is an integral part of most Indian households. (Dreamstine)

While a puja room is a common feature in most Indian households, in home where space is limited, a wooden mandir comes handy. Despite that, while designing the interior of your home, we don't pay much attention towards designing a puja room.

MakaanIQ shares with you ways in which your puja room could be made to look better.

The entrance

To make your puja room look more vibrant, decorate the entrance. You can do this by sticking some religious symbols or pictures or by hanging bells or bandhawar. You can also opt for a beaded curtain at the door for an appealing entrance.

The lighting

The lightning is an integral part of a puja room. Add lights which focus on the idols to make them look more vibrant. You can also add mood lighting to create an ambience in the room. For example, a lighting piece that casts different shadows on the ceiling or wall can bring a designer element to the room. For a contemporary look, you can also use colourful LED lights in the room to brighten it up.

The paint

The easiest way to add new life to your puja room is by painting the room with bright colours.

The decoratives

For a modern look, you can add and keep some decorative in the puja room. You can keep brass embellishments such as oil lamps and bells in the room. You can also keep designer candle stands to be used in place of oil lamps.

Last Updated: Sat Jun 18 2016

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