How to Keep Your Wooden Furniture In Good Health

How to Keep Your Wooden Furniture In Good Health

How to Keep Your Wooden Furniture In Good Health

Wooden furniture at home is pleasing to your eye, but it also requires good care if you want it to last for years. Although there are several ways to maintain your furniture, its care also depends on the finish of the piece of furniture. MakaanIQ suggests easy ways to help you take care of your wooden furniture.


Regular dusting removes airborne deposits that form a layer on the surface and can even leave scratch marks on your furniture. For effective cleaning, you can use dry, clean and soft clothes or feather dusters. If you do not want the dust to scatter in the air, use a slightly damp piece of cloth for dusting. Some of the dusting tools that you can use are:

  • Soft cloth: Clean cotton cloth or old discarded cotton t-shirts can be used for dusting purposes.
  • Towels: Use a clean towel to remove any moisture that may have been left on the furniture after dusting with a damp cloth.
  • Classic feather duster: These dusters easily remove dirt from delicate surfaces like glass or mirror on a piece of furniture.


Clean your furniture more often, and do that with a clean cloth. Do not use all-purpose cleaning sprays, unless your furniture has a plastic coating. Do not wash the furniture with water; however, for greasy and sticky stains, use a mixture of mild soap and water. Wring the cloth before gently wiping the area, and immediately clean it with a dry, clean and soft cloth.

Polish, wax or spray

If you want to use any of these three – polish, wax or spray – make sure that you choose any of them; do not combine these products. Wax is a semi-solid agent and requires elbow grease to apply. It creates a long-lasting coat. Polish is made from petroleum distillates, which are a solvent and evaporate quickly. It is easier to apply polish than wax. Furniture sprays contain silicon oil and it evaporate, just like polish. Do not spray much and buff the sprayed area well and clean it with a piece of clean cloth.

Some general maintenance tips

  • Keep your furniture clean by regular dusting. Use soft toothbrush for hard-to-get areas.
  • Do not keep your furniture under direct sun. Prolonged exposure to sunlight could fade the colour of the furniture and make the wood dry.
  • Do not keep hot or wet objects on furniture. Use coasters and trivets to prevent any damage.
  • For a quick touch-up, use matching colour shoe polish on scratches.
  • To remove the white hazy ring or spot that a coffee mug leaves on your furniture, use mild abrasion, such as a non-gel toothpaste, to clean it.
  • Homemade recipe for cleaning wood: Mix equal parts of olive oil, gum turpentine, denatured alcohol and lemon juice. Apply the mixture and clean with a soft cloth.
Last Updated: Fri Jul 08 2016

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