Trendy Ways To Dress Up Your Home This Summer

Trendy Ways To Dress Up Your Home This Summer

Trendy Ways To Dress Up Your Home This Summer

For most of us, the arrival of summer brings along a reason for undertaking a new home improvement project. While energy costs are a burden on the pocket, giving a facelift to your abode might not be an expensive affair. This is the season when you can experiment with bold hues and vibrant prints and go for the trendiest summer home decor themes to make a perfect impression on your guests. From simple cosmetic changes to major structural alterations, there are a host of ways to make your home summer ready.

MakaanIQ brings some easy home improvement ideas for this summer:

Tint of richness

While many would still prefer grey for a neutral look, this year designs trends are definitely echoing bold hues for the interiors - the walls, upholstery and furnishings. Take a step forward and go for this rich summer palette of darker shades of violet, navy blue or emerald greens. Of course, the classic combination of blue and white may still work to give your house a fresh and summery look.

Faux flowers

Artificial flowers are a good option when you are away on a vacation and do not have the time to clip, trim and water real flowers. Make best use of ginger jars or elegant flower vases to adorn the entry table of your house, dining table, nightstand or even kitchen countertops. Hanging plants on the shelves, windows and mantelpieces will add to the foliage.

Rustic feel

Pay attention to the texture as the rustic look is trending. Furniture sets made of rattan and wicker are much in demand and add a natural handmade feel to your dwelling. Compliment them with textiles with appliquéd and raw finishes. Add some macramé cushions, throws and rugs to your living room and bedroom. Furniture with metallic handles and legs make for sophistication and finishing touches.


Replace heavy and dark drapery with light-coloured curtains paired with sheers. Valances come in as a flexible choice if you prefer enjoying the views instead of covering up the windows. Valances in bright summer textures will enhance the beauty of the room while offering unobstructed views.

Fusion collection

If you are a globetrotter, your house interior design is sure to be influenced by a mix of embellishments. Add elements that reflect the unique aesthetics of various cultures of the world. While displaying the collectables aesthetically, let your imaginations fly to give your home an eye-catching appearance. Even if you are not a traveller, some simple tricks can be applied to achieve the look viz. Moroccan prints for the kitchen tiles or wallpaper, bohemian accents or royal Rajasthani block prints for the fabrics.

Tips to beat the heat

  • Ensure you give your air coolers and air conditioners a break for some hours for their effective functioning.
  • Place electrical appliances far from the ACs as they generate heat too. Go for energy-efficient light fixtures.
  • Open the doors and windows to let in outside air for some time during the day. This is important for circulation of fresh air.
  • Close blinds, shades or draperies when it is the hottest time of the day.
  • Repaint the ceiling in light colours.
  • Install awnings for maximum shade.

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Last Updated: Wed May 01 2019

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