How To Give Your Doors A Classy Makeover

How To Give Your Doors A Classy Makeover

How To Give Your Doors A Classy Makeover

The door of your house is the entryway to your world. How about having a stylish one that showcases your taste? Refashioning the doors is one of the easiest ways to add vivacity to an otherwise traditional home. Be it doors inside your house or the front door, whether they are made of hardwood or metal -- in a traditional or contemporary design -- there are ways to refurbish them for a freat look and feel. However, it is essential to keep in mind the overall house design and décor while opting for a particular door design.

MakaanIQ gives you four quick tips on how to refurbish the existing doors of your home:

Fixtures & fittings 


Elegant door handles or knobs add grace to the door and augment its value. Choose a handle with an antique-finish or a quirky design based on what suits your taste and the overall décor of your home.  Besides, even a push plate can serve as a handle. Brass kick-plate polished in lacquer finish adds a classy touch to the doors. There also are a number of door-lock options available in the market, such as thumbturn, latch-type, hook or keyed locks. Opt for one that is the right for your door.


dreamstime_s_20412663 (Dreamstime)

Select a paint, either a subtle shade or a bold hue, and restyle the door with it. Some colour ideas include classic deep red, ink blue, cool turquoise, effervescent green or bright lemon yellow. Interestingly, all these colours complement lush green plants that you can place on both sides of these doors.



Front doors could be decorated with impressive awnings, which are a canvas sheet or secondary covering attached to the exterior wall of a building. Apart from decorating your front door, these also protect the paint of the doors from harsh weather.

Door replacement


Consider replacing the doors if they have been there for years and are worn out. Select a sturdy metal or wooden door adorned with innovative carvings and designs.

Last Updated: Mon May 23 2016

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