How To Design Your Child's Nursery

How To Design Your Child's Nursery

How To Design Your Child's Nursery

Having a child in the house is one of the most delightful experiences for a family. Watching the little ones grow is a pleasant sight for sure. And, it goes without saying that becoming a parent is a beautiful and proud moment in a person's life. The life of every new mom or dad is challenging in the initial stages as it demands round-the-clock attention and care to ensure complete comfort for the child. Planning a nursery or a baby's room is a crucial aspect in providing the baby a safe and secure lifestyle.

MakaaniQ tells you how to plan a baby's room or a nursery.

Safety first: Pointed corners are unsafe. Make sure the edges of the crib, dressers or the changing table are not sharp. Other things to avoid in a baby's room include fluorescent or led lighting, water elements and electrical appliances (like air filters and vaporisers). Opt for natural materials for rugs, bedding, curtains, flooring and furniture. Use wood over plastic.

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Soft colours: Girly pink or boyish blue is passé. Choose soothing hues such as combination of white and beige or greens and yellows. But if you wish to go with the traditional pink or blue, go for lighter shades which reflect 'Yin' (feminine) qualities, according to Feng Shui philosophy. Darker shades reflect 'Yang' qualities and could keep the baby awake and overactive.

Remove clutter: A cluttered space restricts the free flow of positive energies. Undertake routine cleaning and arrange stuff like toys, clothes, books, etc. in the storage bins and organisers.  

Crib position: Do not place the baby's bed underneath a window, against a wall or in line with the door as it could affect restfulness and sound sleep. Placing the crib facing north is associated with stillness which could help in calming babies who are quite restless.

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Lighting: A balanced lighting, which also means balanced Feng Shui energies, is essential for a baby. Make sure the room is neither too dark nor too bright by adjusting the blinds.

Last Updated: Tue Jan 24 2017

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