How To Design A Multi-Purpose Family Room

How To Design A Multi-Purpose Family Room

How To Design A Multi-Purpose Family Room

People often use the terms living room and family room interchangeably, but there is a remarkable difference between the two. While a living room is located at the centre of a house, a family room is usually close to the kitchen and outdoor spaces. Family rooms are informal and may serve as a home office, a reading room, an entertainment zone or a recreational centre. A living rooms, on the contrary, is more formal in design and style and is mostly reserved for guests.

If your home has an additional space that you wish to turn into an all-purpose family room, MakaanIQ lists a few simple ways in which you can do so.

Create small spaces

Create a separate reading corner, a kitchenette, a games zone, a mini bar, a standard fireplace, a seating area, storage, and so on, to use a family room for various purposes. Apart from the sofa that you have already placed, buy some easy chairs, too, so that the family can sit closer while watching its favourite TV show. A big table in the room would come handy for kids if they want to play games or do their homework. And from chatting to doing her kitchen work, the lady of the house can use the table for many things. Ensure there is a variety of storage options in the room, especially for sorting kids' toys. Large bookshelves and cabinets prove to be an essential storage element in a family room.

Light it up

Good lighting establishes a positive ambiance that encourages inspiring conversation and a healthy eyesight, especially if the room has a reading area. Install a beautiful ceiling chandelier or recessed lighting fixture that will also add elegance to the space.

 Putting in place safety measures

Apart from being a fun zone, the family room must be a safe space for kids, family seniors and pets. Opt for washable slipcovers for the furnishings and upholstery, and throw in some rugs on the floor. Ensure electronic items are placed away from the reach of children and pets.

Keep it colour-coordinated

Some catchy hues that look perfect for a family room include shades of beige or pale blue for the walls, bold-coloured upholstery, black or dark blue drapes, furniture in earthier colours, etc. Red and orange make for a high-energy feel.

Last Updated: Thu Jun 16 2016

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