How To Deck Up Your Home Using Pictures

How To Deck Up Your Home Using Pictures

How To Deck Up Your Home Using Pictures

Photographs speak a thousand words. They let us relive memories, or take us to fantastical locations without leaving our seats. Capturing that decisive moment can make a picture tell a dramatic tale. Displaying pictures on the walls has been a classic style of decorating homes. Most of you must have already used the photo-theme for decorating your abode. But in case you haven't, MakaaniQ lists out some unique ways you could adopt for designing your home using photographs.

The family tree

Family tree wall decals are easily available these days. They could be placed on any of the walls of the living room or even the staircase walls.

The clipboard

Use a rustic clipboard that would act as a suitable background for placing your favourite pictures. This is a DIY (do it yourself) method, and could be created simply using cheap wood and hinge clips.

The strings and the clips

Use a combination of strings and clips for a quirky and fun look. This option works well for a large presentation of images.

The entire wall

Generate a stunning photo collage and cover the wall end-to-end with the photos, an ideal option for a teenager's bedroom. The photos could be either framed ones or removeable photo wallpapers.

The picture ledge

Hang mini shelves or rails on the wall. Select matching frames and present pictures of family members, friends and all your travel adventures.

The picture Gallery

A traditional but still popular décor style, a nicely set up picture gallery gives a vintage feel.

The mix and matching

 Just showcasing the family photographs might get boring. For an eclectic look to your theme, add some artworks, lamps and other showpiece items along with family photographs. This idea can be better applied when placing the photos on a table.

Last Updated: Thu Jan 19 2017

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