How To Choose The Right Toilet Seat

How To Choose The Right Toilet Seat

How To Choose The Right Toilet Seat

At times, when we are designing our home especially the bathroom, we tend to pay less attention to our toilet seats. However, toilet seats are an equally important element in bathroom designs. These come in wide variety with different plumbing fixtures and technology features.

MakaanIQ gives tips to choose the right toilet for your home:



The toilet seats are available in different varieties, but a point to consider is the right fit and the size of the seat. The size is not only concerned with the purpose of usage, but also with the space it acquires. For instance, some people prefer elongated bowls in place of round bowls; however, elongated bowls consume more space in the bathroom and are not suitable for small bathrooms.



Toilet seats are also available in different styles:

  • One-piece toilet comes in a traditional yet modern style and has a tank joined to the seat. They are easy to clean have less space for germs or dust to accumulate.
  • Two-piece toilets have a separate seat base and a tank, but will have a common seam.  
  • Another two-piece style is a high tank toilet which has a retro chain-pull tank. This will add an old world-charm to your bathroom.
  • Wall-mounted toilets are those in which the tank is installed inside the wall cavity. These type of toilets require thicker walls to be installed and can be difficult to maintain and clean.

Seat height


A standard height for a toilet seat is 17 inches but some models come with a 19 inches' height. From medical point of view, a toilet seat with lower height is recommended. However, for taller people or elderly people for whom sitting and rising up is difficult, a higher seat is advisable.

Flush technique


The technology used to product toilet flushes is evolving with a purpose to save water. Dual-flush toilet, is a flush style which has two flushes. The small flush uses three litres of water while the main flush consumes six litres of water. On the other hand, interruptible flush cistern gives you an option to use the required amount of water. For instance, a button pressed once will flush water and when pressed again will stop the water from flushing. The third kind is Pressure assist toilet flush which either use water-line pressure or has a fit-in device which creates additional force from air pressure to flush the toilet.



Ideally, a toilet should be fixed at least 15 inches away from showers and vanities. However, for more comfort and if the space permits, a distance of 18 inches or more is recommended.



White porcelain is the most common toilet type and colour. However, many manufacturers offer products in different colours, too. If you want to have a beautifully designed bathroom and make a style statement, then choose from differently coloured toilet seats and match it with the colour of your tiles.

Last Updated: Tue Nov 05 2019

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