How To Add Velvet In Home Décor To Make It Shine

How To Add Velvet In Home Décor To Make It Shine

How To Add Velvet In Home Décor To Make It Shine

As far as home décor is concerned, velvet never goes out of fashion. The smooth and soft feel of this fabric gives it an edge over other textiles. Be it clothing or home décor, one can easily incorporate this classy fabric in their lives. Also, contrary to the common assumption, maintain the material made of velvet is also not as tough;, a few careful upkeep measures would help you do it by putting the least of efforts.

What are the places where you can include velvet in your home décor?

Velvet couches

velvet sofa(Dreamstime)

Having velvet armchairs, sofas or settees in the living room is bound to give an opulent and warm look to the entire house. Compliment the seating with trendy coffee tables.

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Velvet chairs or button stools

velvet decor chair(Dreamstime)

Revamp the dining room with attractive chairs of velvet cushions. The comfort that they would provide is truly unmatched.

Velvet drapes

velvet drapes(Dreamstime)

Vintage velvet curtains will give a classic appearance to the home and increase the aesthetic value. Besides, velvet drapes have other advantages. Walls draped with velvet curtains facilitate sound proofing to a certain extent, when accompanied with carpets and rugs.

Velvet bedding

velvet bedding(Dreamstime)

There is nothing like resting on a mattress covered with velvet sheeting with soft pillows and blanket. A velvet headboard will be an add-on for providing the required visual comfort and elegance to the bedroom.

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Velvet throw pillows

velvet throw(pcjsupplies.com)

Throw pillows made of velvet materials, even when used with couches of regular material, exude a sumptuous look.

Wall covering


Adding velvet in the home interiors as wall coverings is another great way of presenting a radiant and royal look for the house.

Why go for velvet?

For a richer look

Usually made of cotton or silk, Velvet is an expensive material. The luminous look of velvet furnishings will certainly grab the attention of guests.

Softness is irresistible

The soft texture of velvet is clearly visible to the eyes and this characteristic makes it distinctive yet appealing.

Options unlimited

Affordable varieties of velvet are available nowadays. They are usually made from cheaper substances such as rayon or cotton. They are an excellent substitute for silk.

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