How Property Owners Can Maintain Their Rented Houses

How Property Owners Can Maintain Their Rented Houses

How Property Owners Can Maintain Their Rented Houses

Keeping the house clean and taking care of minor repairs is a responsibility of a tenant. However, maintaining rental property is an equal responsibility of the landowner. Tenant must take care of the tangible assets but a landowner's intervention and attention is also required to maintain the overall health of the property, after all he is prime owner and the beneficiary of the property.

If you are a landowner, here are a couple of ways in which you can maintain your rented property.


Regular painting of your home will not only help you maintain your home but would also be good for the overall health of your house. Time-to-time painting will also keep your home clean and keep check on any repairs, if required.


Keep a track of the repairs that your home demands or lacks. Falling plaster, damaged or leaked roofs, seepage issues, broken water pipeline should be taken care of by the landowner on timely basis. Make sure your house remains free from such damages as it will eventually reduce cost in the long-run.

Use low-maintenance material

It is advisable to use low-maintenance and cost-effective material for constructing your home if you plan to put it on rent. Use termite-free material for furniture and other closets and use water-proof material in bathrooms. By investing in marble flooring instead of tiles, you can save on maintenance as marble has a greater life but tiles get broken or develop cracks.

Clear dues

Always check and pay all your dues in time, including property tax and other taxes which may have to be paid by you.

Good equation with neighbours

Even if you don't live in the property that you have rented, it is always good to keep healthy relationships with your neighbours. Stay in touch with your neighbours as they can update you about any misuse of your property by the tenant, if any.

Visit your property

Your property is your asset and it belongs to you. Keep visiting your property on a regular basis for maintenance checks and its overall condition.

Last Updated: Fri Sep 09 2016

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