How Future Offices Will Change The Way We Work

How Future Offices Will Change The Way We Work

How Future Offices Will Change The Way We Work

We spend approximately one-third of our day at our workplace. At present, offices largely are all about designated workstations, cafeteria or sometimes, a leisure zone. But, with the passage of time, the employers are now trying to make the offices a more productive zone for its employees. The future offices as we imagine would be equipped with certain facilities which would not only work more but also keep the employees relaxed and make the workplace more conducive. The offices of the future will or may not resemble the office that we work in at present.

An office without paper, is it possible? The concept of the paperless office can be a bit tricky but not unimaginable. For instance, Deloitte a multinational company has totally forgone the use of paper in their office. The senior partners of the company along with the staff are not assigned a seat or a desk to keep their documents. They get one drawer for storing their shoes, documents or whatever they want.

Placed as pieces of a puzzle, desks can be rearranged, removed and reworked. The office with movable desks would include mobility and collaboration among the employees. A future office would be data-driven, which means that all the major decisions including the working of the staff would be taken through the data provides. Also the moods of the workers, their wants and need would be monitored to make the workplace more unobtrusive and intelligent, as the Bank of America has done using data from its employees to understand that the performance of the employees increased when they spent more time with others in the social circle. Apart from data cleaning for creating a better work environment, the working style and the use of technology like Virtual Reality will further help the employees work with their models in a distraction-free environment.

Also the hot seating or hot-desking that is instead of the traditional work environment like interactive sound-proof booths, interactive area and elevated desks can cater to the individual preferences of the employees. And lastly how we move across the office building would also undergo a change. For instance, the elevators that are only used for upward and downward movement would be in future used for sideways movement across the width of the office building.

Thus, the future offices don't seem to be a distant future but, they are very well maybe five years away.

Last Updated: Tue Jan 03 2017

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