How Corners Can Be Used Creatively In Indian Homes

How Corners Can Be Used Creatively In Indian Homes

How Corners Can Be Used Creatively In Indian Homes

A brush of varied hues, a touch of rich Indian tradition, and generation-old furniture are a few things that dot all Indian houses. Markets are flooded with a large number of items if one wants to do up a house. These include essential and not so essential items like a nice dining area, a huge vase, painting, show pieces etc. When it comes to doing something to house corners we generally get stuck on how to make it more creative and out-of-the-box.

In most of the Indian houses you will find corners occupied with a table, a vase or nothing at all. But there are many more creative things that can be done to make corners more interesting.

Display The Focus Area

Turn your void house corner into a display focus area that includes a nice huge hanging or a standing lamp that has a reflection on to rest of the room. Even a nice huge candle stand can grab the focus.

Green Call

It's always good to be close to nature and have freshness in the house. House corners are ideal place to keep a nice indoor plant which will lend freshness and positive aura to its occupants.

Utilize The Space

We all have lot and lot of storage problem, a creative way to hide your storage in a way that it act as a piece of decoration at the corner of your house. Rest all your “not in use” stuff to the corner of the room and cover it will a nice piece of cloth and paint it the way you want. You can even put wire around that storage area and hang photographs and other memorable stuff on the wire.

Creation Out Of Waste

Create a rectangular frame and place it in an angle that the space or corner turns out to be a triangle. Use that triangular space to put decorative items out of your waste at home. Play with thread, old bangles and other items and create your personal frame of creatively in that corner.

My Space

Utilize the corner of your room with a nice rocking chair and a small cabinet/ rack of books or anything that interest you. Your cosy corners to live your hobbies, relax, read and rejuvenate.

Hang Around

The most common way to showcase the decorative items is by putting right angle shelves at the corners and place decorative piece on it. Let's make it more playful, alive and add newness to it. Time to get out of the rigidness of shelf's to more alive and playful options of hanging it. A corner that has a hanging fixture shelf's at different height which can hold the items stably and at the same time give the hanging look at one corner of the room showcasing the decorative items.

Magic Of Colours

Colour adds a very lively environment to the space. Keeping that in mind, creating a corner using different colours and painting or pouring different colours on to the wall, which makes you, feel more life and happiness around whenever you look at in.

- Alisha Gupta

Space Designer

Last Updated: Mon Nov 19 2018

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