Home Décor Trends For 2019

Home Décor Trends For 2019

Home Décor Trends For 2019

As you enter a New Year, it may be time to give your home a brand-new look. If you are looking for ideas to make your home 2019-ready, we help you find out what is trending.

Go all out with maximalism


Gone are the days when minimalism ruled the home-décor scene. The New Year would be all about maximalism. 

“This trend is all about saying yes and bringing home the decorative that a homeowner’s heart wants, whether or not it gels well within the current setup. Those with a liking for experimental hues, vibrant patterns and startling textures are gradually moving towards embracing the maximalist trend,” Elysium Abodes LLP Founder Hemil Parikh says.

You could add bold decorative or accent pieces to an otherwise-simple and sleek article of furniture. Accent walls could also be a good idea to bring a change.

Style it in velvet


After making a comeback in the fashion world, velvet is now making waves in home décor, too. Experts suggest that you should not shy away from using this bold material.

“However old-fashioned it might be, velvet is back as being popular. Seen as a luxurious fabric, velvet may become a sought-after décor commodity in 2019,” says Studio Creo Founder & Creative Director Parushni Aggarwal.

“Velvet works it wonder, whether you want to accentuate a dining chair, a couch or a simple ottoman. Velvet has a naturally lavish and cozy feel, making it the perfect choice for your interiors since it offers both style and comfort in equal measures,” Parikh says.

Go traditional with ikat


This earthen print, AMA Design Solutions CEO Mithun S Sheth says, is for those who desire to go back to basics.  Originated in Indonesia, this versatile yet traditional batik print gives the designer the freedom to create a focal point across various areas of your home.

According to Parikh, the trick is in knowing how to include this versatile print into your abode.

“It can be used to punctuate a focal colour in the living room couch or to add a spot of graphic texture to your bedding. Being a noticeable print, it works particularly well with neutral solids and can also blend with other prints,” he says.

Go vintage with houndstooth


Oozing a vintage feel, this black and white check-like print this is a favorite among the fashionistas these days.

“While this print traditionally has a clubby and highbrow tone, it can also be bright, energetic, fresh and youthful. Though being considered a traditional pattern, large-scale houndstooth upholstery has a more modern aesthetic value attached to it. It can be incorporated anywhere in homes right from matting for frames to floorcoverings,” says Parikh.  

Brighten up with living coral


Living Coral has been picked as the colour of the year for 2019 by Pantone Color Institute, a US-based company that provides customised colour standards, brand identity and product colour consulting. This colour will be widely used across various industries. This hue of pink, according to Pantone, describes carefree happiness and we think it aptly fits the maximalism theme. So look out for this colour whenever you are choosing your upholstery or furnishings. This colour, Aggarwal says, will allow the trend of bright millennial colours to continue in the New Year.

Last Updated: Wed Jan 02 2019

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