Home Décor & You: Does Minimalism Really Work?

Home Décor & You: Does Minimalism Really Work?

Home Décor & You: Does Minimalism Really Work?
These 10 quirky home decor products will add the dash of fun to your winters. (Wikimedia)

Minimalism, clutter-free, less is more – have been the buzzwords in the home interiors trends worldwide. However, thinking of an Indian home and then imaging a space that is dominated by beige colour all over with only one two decorative – the two don't seem to gel.

So, does minimalism really work in Indian homes? Or, should you stick to being a maximalist? If you are someone who loves a space with enough decorative, colours and functional things, here are three reasons you should be adopting maximalism.

Because, we need stuff

Going minimalistic, you would be required to get rid of many things in your home. After all it is all about making your home clutter-free and only keep things that are functional. However, at times when getting rid of things from your home, you dispose off things you might need later. Who knows you might need that sofa-cum-bed you disposed of to accommodate guests at home. Or, those baking moulds you got rid of could have come handy now that you started baking classes. We do need stuff, and, being minimalistic might just keep you away from things you would actually need.

Because, minimalism is more work

You thought being minimalistic would bring down your work to maintain your home and the things in it? Think again. The more open and spacious a home, the more the need to keep it clean and tidy every day.

A house designed with comfortably filled things can be a boon. These things can cover up spaces that are prone to continuous dust. How about living comfortably rather than being under a constant pressure of keeping your minimalistic space clean.

Because, it is not clutter, it is creative

Do you love to add interesting décor pieces to your home? Are you a collector of souvenirs and love to flaunt them? Go ahead and do it in your abode for a maximalistic look. The idea is to use these pieces creatively to make it look curated rather than cluttered.

These things make the house look like a home, a home that is your reflection and is decorated with things you love.

Last Updated: Wed Mar 28 2018

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