Home Architecture Trends That Will Shape 2017

Home Architecture Trends That Will Shape 2017

Home Architecture Trends That Will Shape 2017

The world of home architecture is ever-evolving as the design needs of every client are different. This gives every architect a room to experiment, but to experiment, he strongly depends on the trends. You as a client, when you were asked for your preference of architecture, even though you were influenced by the house you saw in the magazine or how your friend did her home, you would have counter-questioned the architect as to what is in trend or in vogue.

While there were many home architecture trends that made a mark in 2016, the new year, 2017, will usher in new designs.

MakaaniQ lists seven such trends that will shape the home architecture in 2017:

Open-plan spaces

Open PLan home(Dreamstime)

With more and more people opting for smaller homes, open-plan spaces, will soon be the 'it' way to a smartly organised home. Such a plan would allow you to use one big space without walls demarcating different areas of your home. No walls would ensure saving of space, and it will also ensure that the home looks spacious. So, how about a large space that houses living room, bedroom, kitchen and dining area. This will not just make your home looks spacious but would also ensure seamless connect and communication with the people living in that property.

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Back to the conventional

Conventional Facade(Dreamstime)

While every homeowner wants their home to stand out and thus, invest in a bespoke and unconventional façade. But, with changing times, the trend of conventional and off-the-shelf plans will be more in vogue. With more and more housing societies coming up, architects are looking at these conventional designs that are easy to get design approvals from the government, too. The bespoke designs will now be limited to the high-end homeowners. 

Sustainable homes

Sustainable homes(Dreamstime)

This has been one of the most consist evolutions in the world of architecture recently. Home owners are looking for methods that will make their home more and more self-sufficient. But this sustainability on an individual level and in certain areas of the home will change in a big way. Home owners will start opting for more and more sustainable methods in one home and will go promoting this channel on a community level, too. So along with sustainable home, there will sustainable colonies, too. 

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My quiet space

Meditation Room(Dreamstime)

Nowadays, we humans are under stress 24/7 and what we ask for every time are few moments of peace and 'me' time. For peace of mind and quiet time with oneself, many people are slowly and gradually moving towards a trend of having a room in their home which is their own quiet place. These rooms are free of clutter, entertainment and any kind of noise. If you are short on space, you could also, create such corner that lets you focus and let's get away from the daily stress.

 Automated kitchens

automated kitchen(pnskitchenandbath.com)

Automation, after sustainability, is one of the other major changes that home owners are adopting. While this is applied to areas like security and lighting, in 2017, automation would move to your kitchen as well. Automation will drive appliances, lighting and cabinets. Moreover, there will be door knobs that will have self-sterlisation. 

Smart storage

small living room storage


Storage will have more and more relevance in people's lives. This is important to keep the home organised and clutter-free, making it an interesting part of the architecture. Architects will be experimenting with interesting and quirky storage ideas. These will not just add space but also, add a look to your home.

Sitting in the centre

Freestanding Bathtub(Dreamstime)

One of the most interesting architectural changes will come to your bathrooms. We have all witnessed corner bathing areas even if it's a bathtub. But now these bathtubs will be the centre of attraction, literally. Placing the bathtubs in the centre or freestanding bathtub as we know them will be making an entry into your bathrooms.

Last Updated: Thu Dec 29 2016

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