Here's how You Give An Indian Touch to Your Home

Here's how You Give An Indian Touch to Your Home

Here's how You Give An Indian Touch to Your Home

The Indian home décor is vibrant and creative and adds an element of uniqueness at home. While decorating your home, fusing the Indian elements could be a brilliant choice. The quintessential Indian aesthetics looks attractive and if you want to bring a dash of India to your contemporary home, then here are some of the ways:



Bring in Indian elements when it comes to fabrics, colours and motifs. Textile in India is available in plenty of colours and designs. Opt for Indian prints and embroidery on upholstery. Paisleys (ambi) or warliare commonly used patterns of Indian designs. You can choose handloom textiles such as Khadi or tassar silk for upholstery.  

Wall art

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Your wall says a lot about your style and choices. An appropriately hung painting or photograph can transform a room. Adding an Indian artwork to a modernist-styled room brings more colours and contexts. You can add paintings depicting historical scenes of kings or queens or even tribal art.

Rugs and cushions

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With unique and luxury textile, India makes classic rugs that can be spread in modern spaces to add a colourful touch. If you want to keep your furniture simple, then add rugs and cushions in bright colours to add an Indian touch.

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Structural elements

structural element(Dreamstime)

Most of us do not structurally renovate our homes. Some elements of Indian style can be added in different parts of the home. Engraved wooden doors or cabinets are some of the examples of Indian art and culture that you can bring home. Such elements can improve the design language of your home.   



Accessorise your home with Indian décor items. Traditional antiques, earthern pots, hand-painted vases, idols of deities, hookahs and silverware are some of the Indian accessories you can use for your home décor.



Bring that Indian touch with traditional table lamps or lanterns, light fixtures and chandeliers. You can give an ethnic touch with some exclusive lightings too. 

Last Updated: Mon Feb 06 2017

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