Here's How You Create An Eco-Friendly Bedroom

Here's How You Create An Eco-Friendly Bedroom

Here's How You Create An Eco-Friendly Bedroom

Bedroom is an ultimate hideaway wherein one can retire after a busy workday. Thus, the interiors of the bedroom should be such that it helps you relax. From classic to romantic, there are many ways to decorate your bedroom. 

One of the interesting ways is to choose eco-friendly interiors for your home. This will help you create a space which is free of harmful chemicals and also appealing to your eyes. Some simple ideas to create an eco-friendly bedroom are:

Switch to non-toxic paints

Rising environmental consciousness has led to the increased demand for low-VOC paints and finishes. These paints use water as a carrier instead of petroleum-based solvents. Even natural paints that are made out of natural raw ingredients such as water, plant oils and resins,  natural minerals such as clay, chalk and talcum; milk casein, bees' wax, natural latex, earth and mineral dyes are other alternatives for paints.

Eco-friendly flooring

Other way to create an eco-friendly bedroom is to choose bamboo, reclaimed wood, leather flooring, cork and glass tiles for your bedroom. Also, these flooring options such as rugs made of wool, natural fibers (sisal and jute) or organic cotton helps improving the air quality and easing asthma pangs.

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Good insulation

It is important to have good insulation within the home. Insulation of the home depends on the construction materials used. Some of the construction materials that are good insulators include fiberglass, aerogel, mineral wool and cellulose. Also, ensure the cracks around the windows are filled. Also, the positioning of doors and windows in the right manner ensures right air movement.  This will further help you in saving your electricity bills.

Go for organic bedding

Bedding made out of cotton, jute, soy and silk makes it an organic bedding. Such kind of bedding is good for sensitive skin, especially for new born babies. Avoid stain-resistant or flame-resistant beddings as these are treated with inorganic chemicals. You can also go for mattresses that are made of wool, all-natural latex and cotton.

Switch to energy efficient lighting

Energy efficient lighting is a great way to reduce the electricity bills. The popularity of LED lights is increasing day by day. The absence of ultraviolet rays makes LED lights quite popular. You can also switch to Compact Fluorescent Lamps. Also, switching to solar-run fans and home lighting system is a great way to make an eco-friendly bedroom.

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Last Updated: Wed Jul 12 2017

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