Head-Turners: 5 Rotating Homes Across The World

Head-Turners: 5 Rotating Homes Across The World

Head-Turners: 5 Rotating Homes Across The World

Architecture has always been about a structure rooted to its ground, once completed. But, what if we tell you that architecture as a science is going places and in the process has introduced homes that rotate. You got that right! There are homes that have been built across the world that rotate based on the movement of the Sun or based on the view that the dweller would prefer to have from his bedroom that day.

MakaaniQ lists five such unique homes that truly are the head turners.

Everingham Rotating House, Australia

Everingham Rotating House(Vimeo)

A riverside property in New South Wales, this might come across as a regular home to you. But this 5,812-sq-ft property rotates 360 degrees. What makes that happen? It sits on a 78-ft steel platform that lets the property turn in both directions at a speed of 525 ft per hour. So, you could take two rounds in one hour. The property, interestingly, has been designed by its owner Luke Everingham, an electrician. He completed this home in 2006 at a cost of $243,000 and says that you wouldn't feel that it is moving until you focus on one static object outside. The rotation can be controlled using a touch panel in the lounge room. It is programmed to follow the movement of the sun.

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The Dynamic D*Haus, Germany

Dynamic House(The D*Haus)

A project that David Ben-Grunberg, architect, Dynamic D*Haus says would take a visionary client to take up, is designed keeping in mind energy-conservation. A four-module structure, modules would close during winter and unfold during the summer to let the light in and release the heat. It is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and will be constructed using insulated building material on one side while using large windows on the other. While insulated material would let the property to retain heat, the windows would let the light in.

Heliotrope, Germany

NE964725 B01(Wikimedia)

In a first glance, it looks like a space shuttle ready to take off, in another, you realise it is an eco-friendly home that rotates. Designed by German architect Rolf Disch, this home follows the sun, thus harnessing the natural light to the maximum. This property has various energy generation modules, including a 603-sq-ft dual-axis solar photovoltaic tracking panel, a geothermal heat exchanger, a combined heat and power unit (CHP) and solar-thermal balcony railings to provide heat and warm water. This property is also known to generate four to six times more energy than it consumes in a year.

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The Rotating Radius House, New Mexico

The Rotating Radius House(michaeljantzen.com)

This is an interactive experimental project designed as a weekend retreat for a couple in New Mexico. The property has a centre made of 20-ft diameter glass which is surrounded by curved panels. These panels are fitted in wheels and thus, allow the user to open or close the space. So, want to have the sun, open these panels and let the sun come in through the glass structure or vice versa. It is designed by architect Michael Jantzen.

The Malleable Autonomous Retreat House, US

Malleable Retreat House(michaeljantzen.com)

Still in the conceptual stage, this property is made of varied panels that can be moved, dismantled and put to use for various purposes. This project is also designed by Michael Jantzen and is made of wood on the exterior with enclosed glass space. The slotted wooden panels can be moved to change the shape and layout of the structure. Moreover, to make it more energy efficient it also has solar panels installed.

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