Have You Tried The Konmari Method Of Tidying Up Yet?

Have You Tried The Konmari Method Of Tidying Up Yet?

Have You Tried The Konmari Method Of Tidying Up Yet?

A clutter-free home sparks joy and that is precisely what Marie Kondo, author of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, wants her followers to work towards. An organising consultant, Kondo’s technique of tidying up homes has been adopted widely by people of all nationalities. Here’s what makes Konmari so popular.

What is Konmari?

How do you clean up your rooms? Usually, people go from room to room and tidy up bits and parts of the room. However, the Konmari technique will rather have you look at things in categories and then arrange them. Minimalism is the key, with your living space holding only those things that are useful for you. In short, keep only those things that spark joy.

Firstly, divide the things into five categories namely clothes, books, papers, ‘komono’ meaning miscellaneous and sentimental items.You must approach each of these categories in this order. Most people who have read about the Konmari technique confuse it to be an art of tidying. However, Kondo identifies it as an approach to discard whatever has ceased to add joy to your life. Her technique echoes the understanding that what is not useful, tends to pile up over the years and gets in the way of your joy, peace and prosperity. In short, Kondo wants all her followers to commit themselves to tidying. Imagine an ideal lifestyle and start with discarding. It is also important to follow a certain order and therefore, the Konmari method touches on basics like a specific way of folding clothes, etc.

Konmari has a huge fan following

Those who opted for the Konmari method never went back to hoarding. It isn’t just an art of tidying up, but also a way of life, a beautiful way to nourish your relationships and about mindfulness,” says practioner Amruta Ramsubramiam, founder and blogger of a popular group, Mumma Diaries. She has inspired many of her followers to do the same.

“The beauty of Konmari is that it is a journey that you start enjoying for life and even after tackling all the categories, you keep improving each one of them. I can’t tell you how therapeutic it feels,” she adds.

Chennai-based Anu Sekhar says, “When I first heard about it, I couldn’t resist myself to try it. As I was out of station, I gave it a try while packing to return home. It saved me so much space that I could fit in double the amount of clothes that I had been carrying. I wish I had known this method earlier, but I am happy that better late than never.”

Marie Kondo’s official page has millions of followers on each of the social media platforms while her method is being disseminated by the various lifestyle and home science related groups, blogs and enthusiasts. The method has garnered worldwide interest and taking the cue, Netflix is running a series on ‘Tidying Up With Marie Kondo’ where Kondo is seen visiting homes to give them an inspiring makeover.

Last Updated: Fri Jun 19 2020

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