Have You Made New Year Resolutions For Your Home?

Have You Made New Year Resolutions For Your Home?

Have You Made New Year Resolutions For Your Home?

Every new year, you make new resolutions — to loose weight, to quit drinking and smoking, stay in touch with friends and family, take more vacations or save more money, etc. We want ourselves to improve in future and meet certain set goals. The same is true for our home, too. Just like you and I, our homes also need changes.

So, what could be a new year resolution you could make as far as your home is concerned?

Here goes:

De-clutter it



No matter how much you try to keep things in place, the cabinets and wardrobes in your home get all messy. It seems they are not left with any room to accommodate your clothes, shoes and other such materials collected over the years. This new year, declutter your home; let go of the things, which have lost their utility, and are kept at home only because you have an emotional string attached with them.

Make it safer

Home safety(Dreamstime)


Most of the times, our focus is on improving the looks. This is true of our own self and our homes, too. So, while you were busy changing the décor of your home season after season, you might have overlooked certain safety issue. Why not install fire detectors and extinguishers this year? There is a lot more that you could do in this regard.

Clean it regular

Home Cleaning


You are depended on your domestic help for the cleaning of the house. You do not even have the time to supervise while your home gets cleaned. If you could monitor things from time to time, you home would be cleaner and better. Why not put in place a system under which you indulge in regular inspection of your home cleaning?

Reduce your bills

LED Lighting(Dreamstime)

Despite all your concerns about the climate change, you have failed to do anything to change things for better. The new year is your chance. Why not replace your old bulbs with LED lights? You would save on electricity bills, too, by doing that. If your budget allows, installing a rainwater harvesting system could also be a great idea.

Make it welcoming

Home Entertainment


Despite all its charm, your home does not look warm enough for welcoming guests. A little remodeling is the easiest way to achieve the desired results in this regard. You can also create a small entertainment zone, where you can spend quality time with you family and friends.

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