Have You Made New Year Resolutions For Your Home?

Have You Made New Year Resolutions For Your Home?

Have You Made New Year Resolutions For Your Home?

There are so many things we would like to change in the New Year. We would want to become better people. We would follow a healthier lifestyle. We would think of ways to establish a better connection with our loved ones. We would like to think of ways to do our bit for society. Basically, we would want things to get better. Since charity begins at home, let us start making corrections from here itself.  



Streamlining things in your home to make it clutter-free should be one of the first resolutions to make in 2019. While you acquire a lot of things for your home, it is time to say goodbye to the outdated things that you do not use anymore. Look for such things in your kitchen, wardrobe and other utility areas. The lesser the things, the easier is to organise your home. This way, your home will feel new, clean and organised. You could also donate things that are in good shape and do some charity.

Stay safe 


While designing your home to look beautiful, invest in technology that can also keep it safe. Look for a new safety system that ensures your house is secured even when you are not around and also, install fire detectors and fire extinguisher to keep your home safe from fire hazards. You could consider new child-proofing techniques for your kids to keep them safe. You could also join hands with your neighbours and think of ways to make the neighbourhood a safer place. 

Go green

herbs garden

If you have not paid much attention to this area earlier, this is the time to do so. To start with, switch to electronic appliances that are energy savers. This way you can also reduce the costs you incur on electricity bills. In the long run, you could install solar panels in your home as an alternate source of energy. You could start this as a small project and later expand based on your budget. It could also be the time to create that home garden.


Plan renovation

Remodelling Home Improvement Renovation

If renovation of your home has been long pending due to budget constraints, this year resolve to get the job done. With the new year, begin to save for your renovation plan and when you think you have enough, begin the work.  

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Last Updated: Mon Dec 24 2018

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