Have You Guarded Your Abode With Home Security Systems?

Have You Guarded Your Abode With Home Security Systems?

Have You Guarded Your Abode With Home Security Systems?

On April 2, a house in Delhi’s heavily-populated Mayur Vihar Phase-I area was robbed in the broad daylight. The family residing in the apartment had gone out to buy some home essentials from the nearby market. On their return, the family figured out that somebody had locked the house from inside, throwing out valuables to another accomplice who waited outside so that he could run away. The accomplice is still at large while the homeowners and witnesses are busy with the formalities post the first-information report (FIR).

“Thankfully,” says Ravi Sopam, whose house was robbed, “our kids were not at home then like they usually are.”  

While we may be particular about the safety of our homes on a day-to-day basis, any miss can cost us heavily. Instances like these should make us re-look at what have we done to ensure that our homes are secure all the time. 

Today, technological developments have ensured that the safety of our homes is stronger than before. Many households have installed home security systems that do their job 24x7.

So, if you are planning to install such a security system, take note:

Alarm or sensor systems

Intruder alarm system detects unauthorised entries into your space and sends out an alert to the main monitoring system. These sensors detect the motion and could be instructed to inform not just the owners but also the local police and neighbours. Similarly, there are shock sensors, heat sensors, smoke sensors, too, to keep your home safe from other mishaps as well. 

Alternative to locks

Earlier a big, traditional lock was enough to keep burglars at bay. However, with tactics the miscreants apply, these locks can be easily broken. Now, the market has smart options in this segment of locks. These are keyless options and need is a mobile application and a secure access to unlock.

Monitor your electronics

Even within your house, mishaps could occur without any warning. So, it’s not just the doors but also the electronics and homeware that can give you trouble. With app-based security systems, you could now automate your home’s electronics, too. There are notifications that tell you who is moving in and out or operating them. These apps also help you detect smoke or carbon monoxide levels ensuring safety within the house. 


Many leading brands offer Wi-Fi enabled, night-vision cameras with zoom and recording facilities. It can help you view, store and edit high-definition footages that are up to a month old. There are also cameras available for your baby’s room, some of which can even be used as a two-way communication system – so you could sing a lullaby to your baby even when you are not at home.

LED lights

Weather-proof spotlights can be a good choice. These are usually easy to install and are battery-operated. LED spotlights cast a beam all around, (within their coverage space) and no one can escape its reach.

Do an extensive search to figure out a home security system best suited for your home.

Last Updated: Tue Jul 10 2018

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