Have $11 Million? You Could Buy Buffet's Laguna Beach House

Have $11 Million? You Could Buy Buffet's Laguna Beach House

Have $11 Million? You Could Buy Buffet's Laguna Beach House

Not all of us are impressed by the pompous lifestyles of the world's rich; some of us would prefer to witness, experience and be moved by the modest way of the rich. If you fall in the latter category, here is your chance. Berkshire Hathaway Chief Executive Officer Warren Buffet has put his Laguna Beach property — 27 Emerald Bay — up for sale.

While the billionaire investor, according to Forbes, is the third richest man in the world, with a net worth of $60.8 billion, do not expect his wealth and its reflection to sweep you off the floor — a large part of the flooring is grey carpeting while the kitchen countertops are white laminate. But that is not why you will be investing in the property, right? You are more interested to own a place where for over 40 years, generations of the Buffet family gathered to observe festivals and spend time during vacations. Amid all the fun and frolic, the frugal investor sweated here to make his money.

Moved much and want to want to make the legendary home your own? Here is all your need to know about the property:

  • Spread across 3,588 square foot, the property features six bedrooms with seven bathrooms. Most rooms in this sea-facing property offer "terrific views of the sand, surf and the rocks of the south point of beautiful Emerald Bay", according to listing site Villa.

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  • The property was built in 1936, but Buffet owns it since 1971. The house has undergone several renovation exercises during this period.
  • Buffet bought the property for $150,000 at that time and has been using it for family vacations since. In an interview to The Wall Street Journal, Buffet said he bought the house because his first wife Susan Buffet liked it. Susan Buffet passed away in 2004. The 86-year-old "hunkered down" in the master bedroom to write annual reports of his company during Christmas holidays, he told The Wall Street Journal.
  • Two of the bedrooms have their own separate entrances to ensure complete privacy for you and your visitors when they come calling. "In addition, a large family room with an oversized ocean viewing deck is separated from the main home great for activity away from the main part of the homes living areas," Bill Dolby in his property listing.

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  • The property has a large one-car garage with direct home access, and another one-car garage "which has an apron for off the street parking".
Last Updated: Wed Mar 15 2017

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