Harry Potter's House At 4 Privet Drive Up For Sale

Harry Potter's House At 4 Privet Drive Up For Sale

Harry Potter's House At 4 Privet Drive Up For Sale

Yes. You heard that right. The house of the young Harry Potter in the first movie of the famous Harry Potter movie series, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, is up for sale. The Harry Potter movie series is based on the Harry Potter novel series of J K Rowling. As anyone familiar with movies in the Harry Potter series, know we are talking about the house where Aunt Petunia, Uncle Vernon and his irritating cousin Dudley live. The young Harry had to stay in a cupboard under the stairs in the same house.

The house of the young Harry Potter's aunt Petunia at the fictional address 4 Privet Drive is up for sale. In the real world, the house exists in 12 Picket Post Close. It is now fully renovated. The house now has a modern refitted kitchen, a landscaped backyard, a new driveway, garage and a patio. It is located in Bracknell, a town just over 50 km west of London in England. The realtors previously did not want to mention that then the house has links to the movie.  The connection to the movie may or may not influence the asking price of the house, but after the connection of the house to the Harry Potter movie franchise came out, the demand has gone up. Many buyers want at least to have a tour of the house. The house is priced at $616,000 USD. Since the Harry Potter series came out, the house has attracted many tourists. Even after over ten years since the movie series, the house still attracts tourists.

Last Updated: Fri Jun 30 2017

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