Handy home improvement tip#2 Kitchen lighting

Handy home improvement tip#2 Kitchen lighting

Handy home improvement tip#2 Kitchen lighting

Lighting helps in making the environment of a room or home lively. Here www.makaan.com provides you the ways in which you can renovate your home by just adding a few light fixtures and shades. The added advantage with this home improvement tip is that it is not all that expensive and can be met without any major constructional involvement. Below is the major area where lighting helps and is effective the most because one tends to spend a lot of time of his lifetime in the area:

Kitchen lighting

Lighting a kitchen is different from lighting other rooms in the house because kitchen lighting needs cannot be met by one source of lighting. Lighting in the kitchen is not only necessary from the visual point of view, but is very essential from functional point of view as well.

Task Lighting: It provides lighting for the basic tasks of kitchen like chopping and cooking food. If there is adequate light in the tasks’ area then there is not much eye-straining. Furthermore, bright lights can make the time spent in kitchen interesting. You should place the tasks lights above the chopping area, gas stove and sink.

Accent or Prominent lighting: This second option is for providing a depth to the kitchen. It is used at the times when there is not much of activity happening in the kitchen and it provides a relaxed aura to the area. It is used in kitchen cabinets that display the expensive and attractive glassware and crockery items.

There are a lot of other lighting options available for instance decorative lighting; however, looking at the requirements of Indian homes and homeowners, task lighting and prominent lightings are the ones that serve all the purposes of a kitchen and also brings eye-catching results.

Last Updated: Fri Mar 15 2013

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