Guests At Home Tonight? Here's What They Will Notice First

Guests At Home Tonight? Here's What They Will Notice First

Guests At Home Tonight? Here's What They Will Notice First

“It may sound a little awkward, but I tend to judge people by the way they keep their house,” chuckles Mansi Nag, an aspiring fashion designer. If Nag comes across as someone very judgmental, it is time to realise that most of us are and why not? The way you tend your home reflects the person you are.

The living room

Have you ever been to a place where the host takes about ten minutes to open the doors? While the guest waits outside, the host might be trying to make the living room as presentable as possible. You could even hear their shrieks and talks while they are at it! It may make you a little uncomfortable especially if you are an uninvited guest (albeit with good intentions) dropping by on a surprise visit. Hosts, do ensure that even though you may not have a planned guest or a get together at home, the living room is the first thing that outsiders usually notice. Keep it neat, organised and tidy.

The kitchen

Some people, especially women are often keen to check out the space that the lady of the house often uses, the kitchen! Here's what Mira Katyal, a professor in a Chennai-based college, says, “If you want to really know how hygienic your hosts are, this is the best way to ascertain. In India, kitchens are almost sacrosanct spaces and the way it is maintained speaks a lot.”

The Katyals had started off in a Delhi barsaati where the kitchen was often a point of argument. “I used to tell my husband that if he loves me, this is the least he should do for me,” she adds, a proud owner of a 3BHK unit in Anna Nagar. What do people look at when they notice your kitchen? Space management, whether the condiments are in clean racks, if the sink pipes are in good condition or leaky, is there a dearth of cupboards, whether you have been using hacks to make your kitchen utilitarian or even the kitchen cloth - whether it is used cleanly or is it a shoddy cloth used as it was for a multipurpose.

The washrooms

Never look at air fresheners and deodorizers as a waste expense. You would never want to be looked at someone who compromises on hygiene. Make sure that you have fresh and handy towels in your wash space accompanied by use-friendly liquid soaps. Not everyone would prefer to use soaps at somebody else's house.

The bedrooms

Especially if you have invited guests for a gettogether or a party, you can never keep a tab on who's going to use which room and when. It makes sense to keep your rooms clutter-free. Also, ensure to keep everything arranged in your cupboards so that you can escape a moment such as this- “Oh! pretty cupboards, does it have a lot of storage space too, let me see..”

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Last Updated: Fri Dec 30 2016

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