Green Wood: A Material That Can Help Build Affordable Homes

Green Wood: A Material That Can Help Build Affordable Homes

Green Wood: A Material That Can Help Build Affordable Homes
The innovators Bisman Deu (L) and Rayvin Thingnam (R) with Roxana Stefanescu, Project Manager-Social Innovation Relay, Junior Achievement, HP (Centre). (Facebook/Youth Innovators)

Rice is one of the main crops in India. But its production also has an adverse impact on the environment, as the unwanted husk is burnt by farmers. Burning of rice husk kills crop-friendly insects, but it also causes air pollution and makes the top layer of soil impure.

Four years ago, then 15-year-old Bisman Deu, whose family does farming in Amristar and grows both rice and wheat, witnessed the impact of burning of rice husk on people around, causing them breathing problems. She saw an opportunity of utilising this waste for something more useful to the human race. It was then that she began her research and came up with an innovative idea.

Deu, now 18 and pursuing her education in Chandigarh, developed Green Wood, an environmentally sustainable building material. This building material, says she, is a sturdy and affordable product.

MakaanIQ tells you more about this product and its viability for building affordable homes.

How was Green Wood developed?

Green Wood is a result of Deu's experiment in her mother's kitchen. She treated the leftover of rice husk from her family's farm with resin. The mixture was then baked and pressed into particle board. She claims that this prototype can be used to build homes at an affordable price.

Why is Green Wood a viable option for building houses?

It is fungi- and mould-proof, making it a great option for building houses. In rural areas, it can be used as a great alternative to mud. It is a water-proof particle board and can withstand different weather conditions. A recycled product, the particle board can be produced at a low cost which makes it an economical product for consumers. Apart from being a key construction material, Green Wood can also be used to produce low-cost furniture.

How is it beneficial for farmers and villagers?

For rice farmers, Green Wood will be a source of extra income, as they will be able to sell a product that they would otherwise have burnt. Besides, once farmers stop burning the husk, the rising air pollution levels will come down. That will have a positive impact on people's health.

It will also prove to be beneficial for the villagers planning to build new homes. They could now build homes at a lower cost using a sturdy material.

Are there other products similar to Green Wood globally?

A product named Stak Block, which is similar to Green Wood, is made of straw and glue. A California-based organisation, US Oryzatech uses this product to construct inroads.

Last Updated: Fri May 27 2016

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