Green Cleaning Tips for a Healthier Home

Green Cleaning Tips for a Healthier Home

Green Cleaning Tips for a Healthier Home

Using cleansers that are made up of harsh chemicals creates a bad effect on the environment. The phosphates coming from laundry detergents and other cleaning products pollute the lakes, oceans and groundwater. Such cleaners and detergents have a negative impact on the skin and can also lead to problems like asthma.  Makaan IQ lists some green cleaning tips:

Opt for homemade cleaners

For this you can mix vinegar or baking soda with warm water. Your cleansing agent is ready. You can also go for ingredients such as soap flakes, washing soda, vinegar, oil soap, borax and ammonia. Dipping a cloth in lemon juice will remove stains on vinyl items such as recliners or tile flooring. Alternatively, you can also go for non-toxic and biodegradable products which are made from renewable resources.

Natural air purifier

Simply boil cinnamon, cloves or any other herb that you like. This will do the job of a room freshener. Even making chocolate cookies is also a great way to add to the aroma of the home. Opting for natural plants is a great way to ensure clean air at home. Some of the options that you can go for are aloe vera, spider plant, bamboo palm and snake plant.

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Prevent dirt by installing walk-off systems

Many of the green buildings have an entryway or “walk-off” systems that will help people leave the toxins at the door. In this, grills, grates or mats are used. This will ensure that the dirt is kept way at the very first place minimizing the use of green cleaning products.

Go for oil cleaners

Oil cleaners made from natural plants are a perfect fit for oiling hardwood floors. Natural oils are a great way to clean your floor giving it a beautiful shine. Choose an oil which will give a great odour to the house.

Precaution while switching to green cleaning products

Do not throw old products in the trash while switching to green cleaning products. This will be a burden on the drain or the landfill. There are many communities that recycle such waste. Also, this will ensure that the chemicals won't go down the drain.

Last Updated: Tue Jul 25 2017

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